Part 43

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-A Few Days Later-

**Matt's POV**

"Can't I just go home" I said

"Can I talk to him alone for a few minutes?" Alyssa asked the doctor

The doctor nodded and walked out of the room. Alyssa walked over to me and grabbed my hand.

"I know you're getting restless here but they want to keep you here at least until your stitches heal. And they're not going to let you leave because you keep saying how you want to die." She said looking in my eyes

Lyss has been here everyday, she rarely leaves my side.

"I do want to die" I replied

"Do you realize" she said but stopped as the tears started to pour out of her eyes "Do you realize how much everyone cares about you? How much I care about you Matt? Because I really don't think you get it"

"You don't care about me" I replied

"If I didn't care about you why would I be here all the time" she said

I didn't say anything. I picked up my phone and went on twitter. I saw a bunch of tweets like

"I miss Matt"

"Why hasn't Matt been on"

and more just like that. I decided to tweet

"@TheMattEspinosa: Hey guys I know I haven't been on at all recently. I have to take time for personal issues but I will be back soon enough"

"Do you want me to leave?" she asked

"No, of course not." 

"Okay" she said "Matt you look really pale"

"I'm sure I'm fine" I replied

"You haven't had like anything to drink in the past two days." 

Just as she said that nurse came in with an IV. I hate doctors. I hate hospitals. But I especially hate needles.

**Alyssa's POV**

When the nurse came in Matt looked at her like he had just seen a ghost.

"Are you okay?" I asked

"No I hate needles" he replied

I sat down on the bed with him and rolled up his sleeve. He was wearing sweats with his grey obey hoodie. I grabbed his other hand. The nurse wasn't even putting the needle in his arm yet he was squeezing my hand.

I laughed a little

"What" he said 

"She isn't even putting the needle in yet." I replied

He smiled and I kissed him on the forehead. I tried talking to him to distract him as the nurse put the needle in his arm but it didn't really work. I saw a tear fall from his eye. 

"You good?" I asked after the nurse walked away

"Yeah it just feels weird" he replied "Lyss"

"Yes love"

"What is going to happen when I do leave the hospital? Like with me and you. And where am I living?" he asked

I honestly hadn't thought about our relationship. My mind was consumed with other thoughts like if Matt was going to be okay and why he wants to die.

"I don't know where we stand as a couple but I'm staying in the apartment with you because I don't want you to try and do this again. It hurts me when I see you like this" I said

-2 Days Later-

Two more days have passed now and Matt is starting to go crazy in that hospital room. He has stitches on his wrists and stomach. The doctors said that he will most likely be able to go home today. He is in the room with a therapist right now. It's going to make the final decision if he can go home or not. 

I heard Matt yelling and a minute later the therapist came out and shook her head at the doctor. The doctor walked up to me and said "He can't leave yet the therapist doesn't think it's such a good idea."

I went into his room and didn't see him. He was in the bathroom throwing up. I walked in and stood behind him rubbing his back. He got up and brushed his teeth, I realized his left wrist was bleeding.

"Matt you're bleeding" I said after he finished brushing his teeth

"I don't even care" he said with a lot of attitude 

"Stop.Stop acting like this. If we ever work out I don't want this asshole I want my Matt. The Matt that I used to know"

"I'm sorry" he said. He looked upset.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed, so I walked over and hugged him. "You can cry. Just let out. It's okay" I said

Sure enough that's what he did. He cried and it hurt me to watch him cry. His arm was still bleeding so after minutes I went to go get a doctor. They had to re-stitch one of the cuts on his wrist.

"I'll be right back" I said as they were stitching his arm.

Matt's sister Kristen was here but she said she wanted to talk to me before going into the room to see Matt.

"Hi" she said and hugged me "What's going on? My parents never gave me the full story."

"Well he tried to kill himself but I got back to the apartment fast enough. He has stiches on his wrists and stomach. The therapist said it's best if he doesn't leave the hospital yet. He just got sick and some of his stitches opened up so they are putting more in right now" I replied

"Okay, let's go see him" she said

We walked to the room and went in as the doctors were walking out.

"Look at you, you're a mess" Kristen said to Matt. Both of them started laughing.

"Haven't heard that priceless laugh in a while" I said smiling

"Can Kristen and I have a few minutes?" Matt asked

"Sure" I said and started walking out

"Wait come here first" he said

I gave him a confused look as I walked over to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in crashing his lips onto mine. He pulled away after a few seconds.

"I love you beautiful"

"I love you too handsome"

It's true. Whether we get back together or not I will always love him.

I know I said I would do a few huge chapters today sorry that I didn't. I start school tomorrow. I will try to do at least one chapter everyday! Good luck to everyone starting school!



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