Part 17

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*Next Morning*

**Alyssa's POV**

I woke up and Matt was gone. I got up went to the bathroom and washed up. How are we going to tell Jennifer and Austin? A few minutes later Matt came back with a frappe from McDonalds

"It's like you read minds" I said laughing

"Here you go princess" he said

"Thank you prince!" I said laughing

"Jennifer and Austin will be here any minute" he said

Right after that they walked through the door.

"Where is he?" Jennifer said with the biggest smile on her face

"Can you guys sit?" Matt asked

They sat and looked at each other confused.

"We want to keep our baby" Matt said

"No way! No fucking way!" Jennifer screamed "You both agreed it was better this way and we could give him a better life!"

"This will happen! We are taking the baby, OUR baby" Austin said

"He isn't yours!" I yelled

"You signed papers and we will take this to court" Austin said and him and Jennifer left

"Matt what if they actually take us to court and try and take Matthew from us?" I said

"I'm not going to let that happen" Matt said "I texted everyone to come meet him."

I called the nurse to bring Matthew into the room.

Matt went to go wait downstairs for everyone.

I held Matthew in my arms facing him towards me.

"Hi I'm your mommy and I love you very much!" I said tapping his nose. He giggled

A few minutes later everyone came up. Some of them had balloons, flowers, cards and teddy bears.

They all hugged me and passed Matthew around.

"So are guys keeping him?" Taylor asked

"We're going to try. The couple who was going to adopt him isn't happy." Matt replied

"Well I hope you guys get to keep him" Shawn said

*Few Days Later*

**Matt's POV**

Alyssa, Matthew and I were finally going home today. Alyssa got up and got dressed. I put Matthew into his car seat. Alyssa came out of the bathroom.

"Ready to go?" I asked

"Yeah" she replied

We got back to the house and Alyssa sat on the couch holding Matthew.

Someone knocked on the door.

"Matt can you get that please" Alyssa said

It was Shawn and Erin. They both came in and gave Alyssa huge hugs. Then Shawn held Matthew

Then there was another knock on the door I ran to open it.

"Hi, my names Steph and I'm here about your son. I'm from CPS" Steph said

Why was Child Protective Services here?

"I have to take Matthew" she said

I can feel my heart shattering.

"No you can't take my son from me" Alyssa screamed

"I'm sorry but I have to you guys signed adoption papers" Steph said

Erin put Matthew in the car seat.

Alyssa grabbed the car seat and looked in it staring at Matthew.

"I love you so much. I'm going to get you back I promise." she said as a tear feel

Shawn and Erin walked Steph and Matthew out to the car.

"No" Alyssa screamed and cried

She tried running after them but I held her by the waist trying to be strong for her but I couldn't hold my tears back anymore. I held her and she turned around and held me tighter.

Hope you enjoyed it!



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