Part 27

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*Next Morning*

**Matt's POV**

I have so much on my mind right now. It's our one year anniversary it is also time we get college acceptance letters and I had filled out a bunch of applications before Alyssa and I got together.

"Good morning babe happy anniversary!" Alyssa said and then kissed me on the cheek

"Happy anniversary" I said "Are you excited for tonight?"

"Very! I want to know what we are doing"

"Well it starts right now, stay here I'll be back in 20 minutes don't come outside" I said


I went to our kitchen and made pancakes, bacon and coffee. I brought it into our room on a tray with a dozen red roses.

"Oh my god Matt! I love you so much" she said

"I love you too"


**Alyssa's POV**

I went outside and got our mail hoping there would be a college letter. I grabbed my mail and went in our room and opened a letter from The University of Virginia. I got in. I decided I would wait till after dinner to tell Matt.

"You should start getting ready" Matt yelled into the room


I showered, got out and dried my hair. I decided to straighten my hair today. I put on a black, strapless dress that cut off a little before my knees. I walked out and saw Matt in khakis, a salmon colored polo and sperrys.

"Well don't you look handsome" I said

"Well don't you look beautiful" he replied mocking me

We walked to the car and drove to the restaurant. It was a beautiful Italian restaurant.

"Matthew Espinosa" Matt said to the hostess

"Right this way" she said leading us to our table

We sat down and ordered.

"Okay I have something for you" I said and handed him his present.

"I love it thank you so much" he said and got up and kissed me "Well I have something for you"

He pulled a small box out of his pocket. I was freaked out I thought he was going to propose. No he can't we are to young.

I opened it up to see an infinity ring. The infinity sign had tiny diamonds in it. It was engraved that said "Together we are infinite"

I had tears in my eyes "Aw Matt I love it so much. Thank you!"

-Back At the House-

**Matt's POV**

I made us brownie sundaes and we sat down together watching TV.

"Matt I have to tell you something" she said, I looked over "I got into The University of Virginia"

"Congratulations! I'm so happy for you"

That was a lie.

I wasn't happy.

How could I tell her I got into a college thousands of miles away from her?

Okay I know I promised a long chapter but I didn't have any ideas so I just did a short quick one! I might try one more chapter tonight but my laptop isn't working so yeah!



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