Part 41

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**Matt's POV**

 A-Listen I don't know what is going on with you but I'm done. DONE. I'm tired of being hurt by you and then you apologizing and me just accepting it. I can't do this anymore. I'm moving out so by time you get back I'm not going to be here. I guess thanks for the good times we actually had. Bye.

Is she kidding me? I hurt her. She's the one kissing other guys especially my friends. I didn't know what to do. Should I answer her? I think I will.

M- I hurt you? Literally lol. I didn't do shit to you and I don't fucking deserve this. It's also pretty sad that you don't even know what you did that pissed me off. Go fuck yourself. Tell Nash I'm done with him too.

I saw a picture of her kissing Nash on twitter. I can't believe she would kiss my friend or that he would kiss her too. I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now. I can't tell if it's anger or if I'm just upset. I really don't know.

A- I don't even know why you're mad at me! What the fuck? How is Nash even involved in this? Can you just explain to me what the hell is going on?

M-Stop playing dumb. It's all over my twitter timeline.

I sent her the picture.

A-Matt that isn't even me

M-Yes it is! Just stop lying to me. Goodbye

She didn't answer after that. I texted Nash.


M-How could you do this to me man? I thought we were friends.

N-What are you talking about?

M- I saw a picture of you kissing Lyss

N- That wasn't Lyss, why would I do that to you?

M-Stop covering for her slutty ass. I have enough shit going on right now and now I'm dealing with this.

N- I know you don't mean that

M- Yeah I do she is nothing but a fucking slutty bitch

N- Matt stop, we didn't kiss

I never really told any of them about the hate I've been getting. Mostly from guys tweeting me that I'm gay, worthless and talent-less. I can't wait till this tour is over and I can take a break from social media because it is really starting to get to me.

-Next Month-

**Alyssa's POV**

"So you and Matt haven't talked since that night?" Erin asked

"Nope. Nash texted me that night saying how Matt was calling me a slut and shit so he blew it. He blew everything for himself. It's like he is back to his same old self when he used to bully me in school."

"Then fuck him. You're not a slut don't listen to him." Erin replied

"Speaking of that devil. I hear that he is coming home today"

Erin just gave me a look like 'ew', I just laughed. I now live with Erin because I can't stand Matt and I'm done with him. Then I felt my phone ring so I picked it up and there was a text from Matt.

"Erin! Matt just fucking texted me" I yelled

"What does it say" she asked

"Can we talk when I get home? My flight gets lands in around 2 hours." I read 

"What are you going to do? Maybe you should talk to him" she said

I nodded and texted back that I would meet him at 'his' apartment at 3.

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