Part 14

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*That Night*

**Matt's POV**

Nash invited Alyssa and I to go to a party, but I already knew she most likely wouldn't want to go.

"Hey babe" I said walking into my room

"Hi" she replied

"Listen Nash invited us to a party tonight and I know you probably don't want to go but do you care if I go?"

"Only if you promise not to get drunk" she said

"Promise" I replied

I got ready and left for the party.

**Alyssa's POV**

I was sitting home and I was really bored when I got a text from Kellie.

It was a video of a girl and Matt. They weren't kissing but they were all over each other. He had his arm around her and her arms were wrapped around him.

I started to cry and I just wanted to talk to Kristen but his family went away for a few days so I had no one except for Ace and Burnie. They both jumped on to the bed and started licking my face. I just need someone to hold me. I took out my phone and dialed his number.

"Hi" he said

"Shawn can you please come to Matt's now?"

"I'll be right there"

A few minutes later Shawn came in to Matt's bedroom.

"Are you still mad at me?" he asked

I shook my head no as tears rolled down my face.

"What happened?" he asked rocking me in his arms

I played him the video.

"Hey, you know what? If he wants to be a complete douche, I'm your best friend and I'm always going to be here for you and this baby no matter what." Shawn said

"Thank you Shawn" I said

"You're welcome" he said kissing me on the cheek

Matt walked in as he kissed me on the cheek.

"What the fuck! Get the hell out of my house!" Matt yelled at Shawn

I looked at Shawn and gave him the it's okay look. He got up and walked out.

"What the hell was that?!" he screamed at me

"Don't fucking yell at me!" I said crying "All he did was kiss me on the cheek and he is one of my best friends"

"Even after he beat me up" Matt said

"I should be the one mad at you! Not you mad at me!"

"Why? What did I do?" Matt asked

I showed him the video.

"It's not what it looks like" Matt said

"Then what the fuck is it Matt?" I screamed

"Listen she was drunk and her boyfriend just broke up with her and she said if I didn't spend time with her tonight she was going to drive home. I couldn't just let her drive like that she could have killed herself or someone."

"Why couldn't it be another guy? Why did it have to be you?" I said sniffling

"I'm sorry but I'm done with parties unless you're going with me, okay?" Matt said

I nodded. He got into the bed and held me. "I love you." Matt said

"I love you too" I replied and fell asleep in his arms

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