Part 16

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**Matt's POV**

It's been an hour. What is taking her so long? I decided to call her.

"Hello?" a man said on the other line

"Who is this? Where is my girlfriend?" I screamed

"She got into a car accident , she is in the hosp-" That's all I heard before I hung up and started running out the door. The tears were flooding down my face.

I got to the hospital and asked what room she was in. I ran down the halls of the hospital.

I walked in the room, she was sleeping. I sat down in the chair grabbing her hand and a few minutes later a doctor walked in.

"Hi I'm her boyfriend Matt" I said

"I also assume you are the baby's father?" she said

"Yeah I am. Did the baby make it?" I asked concerned

"Yes he is in the nursery" she replied

It's a boy. I always wanted a son but we weren't keeping him and it breaks my heart.

"What about my girlfriend?" I asked

"She has a sprained wrist and stitches in her stomach. Nothing major. She should be up in the next couple of hours." the doctor said and walked out

I decided to text a group message to everyone

Matt- Hey guys I just want to let you know Alyssa got into a car accident but her and the baby are doing fine

Shawn-Oh my god

Aaron- Can we visit

Cam- I want to come see her

Matt- You guys can all come tomorrow I'll give you the details later

Then I called Jennifer and Austin. Austin answered

(M-Matt, A-Austin)

M-Hi it's Matt, Alyssa got into a car accident

A-Oh my god. Is she okay? Is the baby okay?

M- They're both okay. The baby is a boy.

A- Okay we'll come visit tomorrow bye

M-Okay bye

-2 hours later-

"Hi" Alyssa said still with her eyes closed putting her hands on her stomach

"Hey" I said

"Where is the baby?" she asked

"The nursery, it's a boy" I said

She smiled then asked for a cup of water which I gladly got for her.

**Alyssa's POV**

I want to see him but I don't. I just carried this baby for almost 9 months thats half my DNA and hald Matt's and now I'm just going to give him to people we met once. Matt came back and handed me the water.


"Anything for my girl" he said

A nurse came in right after him.

"Do you guys want to see the baby?" she asked

Me and Matt both looked at each other.

"Yeah" he answered for us

A few minutes later the nurse came back with him. He was so tiny. Matt picked him up and handed him to me with tears rolling down his face. The minute he was in my arms I started crying. I don't know what I want to do anymore.

Yes I want to keep him but is that fair to him. Jennifer and Austin can give him a better life than Matt and I can.

"We should probably name him" Matt said laughing

"What about Matthew? After his incredible father." I said smiling

"I love it" he said kissing my forehead

After an hour the nurse came back to take Matthew to the nursery.

**Matt's POV**

The nurse took Matthew and it was just Alyssa and I. She started crying

"What's wrong babe?" I asked

"I can't do this Matt I can't!" she said in between cries

"Take deep breaths" I said, after a few deep breaths "what can't you do?"

"Give him up, I don't want to put him up for adoption" she replied " I know its going to break Jennifer and Austin's hearts but what about mine and yours? I can't give him to them."

"I can't do it either." I replied

I sat in the bed with her holding her in my arms. How are we going to tell them we're keeping Matthew.

"I love you" she said

"I love you too" I said

Gonna try to be updating a lot before I start school :(



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