Part 34

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**Skipping to June**

**Matt's POV**

I can't believe I just finished my freshman year of college. I am finally going home tomorrow and Emily is coming to stay with me for a week! I'm really excited for her to meet my family!

We were at the airport waiting for our flight and I went in twitter and scrolled through my time line and saw a tweet from Shawn.

"@ShawnMendes: going on tour with @AustinMahone !!! So pumped !"

**Alyssa's POV**

"You're leaving for 6 months?!?" I said on the verge of tears

"Yeah, I'm so sorry and this is killing me it really is but you know how I feel about long distance relationships" he said

"I'm taking this as you're breaking up with me" I said crying

"While I'm on tour it is for the best. I don't want to have you tied down but if I come back and you're still single I want to be with you." he said and leaned in for a kiss but I didn't let him.


"Hey calm down baby, what do you mean.?"

"You and Matt both did the same thing oh long distance relationships don't work" I said

"I'm sorry" he said

"Can you just leave?" I asked

"I love you" he said before leaving 

I broke down on the couch and a few minutes later the door swung open. I didn't even look over.

"Get out of here Shawn" I yelled

"It's not Shawn" the voice said. I knew that voice. It was Matt.

I looked over and saw Matt but he wasn't alone he was holding hands with a girl. Before he could say another word Burnie jumped on him pushing him to the floor and started licking his face. Matt was laughing. He got up and I quickly wiped away my tears.

"Hey why are you crying?" he said and sat down next to me

"It's nothing" I said

"Ok well this is my girlfriend Emily, Emily this is Alyssa" he said

"Hi nice to meet you" I said

"Hi" she said with a fake smile "Matt can we go?"

"Yeah I just have to get Burnie's stuff" he said

I forgot that Burnie wasn't going to be with me anymore.

"I'll talk to you later" Matt said before walking out with Burnie and Emily.

**Matt's POV**

I wonder what happened with Alyssa. I'll have to talk to her later.

"Matt I don't want you talking to her anymore" she said


"I know you guys have history and I'm not risking losing you to her" Emily said

I guess I had no other choice I felt horrible though. We got back to my house and I introduced her to my family.

"Hey Matt, can we talk" Kristen said

"Sure" I replied

"Do you really like her? I just feel somethings off about her" Kristen said

"Yeah I do"

"Okay just be careful" Kristen said

"Em, my friend Taylor is having a party tonight do you want to go?" I said

"Sure" she replied

*Skip to Party*

I introduced all the guys to Emily. Alyssa wasn't there but Shawn was so I decided to talk to him.

"What happened with you and Lyss?" I asked

"We broke up because I'm going on tour and she didn't take it well"

"Oh okay" I replied

I went to look for Emily. But I had so many thoughts going through my head. Alyssa was single and I still have feelings for but I also have feelings for Emily.

My mouth dropped at what I saw. Emily was making out with another guy.

"E-Em" I said

"Matt it's not what it looks like" she said

"Find somewhere else to stay I'll put your shit outside"

I ran out and drove home I took all of Emily's stuff and put it outside. I didn't want to stay here everyone was sleeping and I needed someone to talk to. I got into my car and started driving. When I got there. I ran to the door and knocked.

"Matt?" she said

This chapter really sucks but I'm tired and have a lot on my mind right now I tried!



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