Chapter 2

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Ella's POV:

I hate the sound of my alarm clock going off on a Monday morning. Even though it's my favorite song that wakes me up in the morning, it's a horrible reminder that I have to get up for school.

I get dressed in a pair light washed skinny jeans and a cute loose fitting grey sweater. I walk down stairs and brush my straight, long blond hair and teeth. I used to get a lot of comments on my hair about how pretty my natural blonde highlights were. But I didn't think they were all that great. My blonde hair comes with pale skin, my mom says my brother and I get it from my dads side. The only thing I really like about my face is my blue eyes, there a deep blue almost like the ocean.

I wake up my older brother Thomas every morning. Thomas is a senior and is like any other typical teenage boy. He's confident and very athletic, the complete opposite of me. When we were younger people used to think we were twins.

"Thomas it's six thirty." I turn on his bedroom light.

"I'll get up in a minute." He says groggily.

"You better actually get up because I'm not coming back in here." I mutter and then leave, not waiting for his response.

I walk out of his room and go grab a jacket, I throw on my white low top converse then I'm out the door. I hop in my truck with my book bag in tow and head to school. I don't ride with Thomas because he has sports after school so I just drive myself.

I park my truck in the student parking section then head in. I walk to my locker and get out the binders that I need and put them in my black book bag. Shutting my locker I turn around. Now it's time to go find my friend Olivia so we can walk together. Instead when I turn around the grocery store boy is right in front of me.

He's wearing black jeans, a navy blue shirt with a leather jacket. He was leaning against the locker next to mine with his arms crossed over his chest, his very green eyes were on me.

Seeing him, heat immediately rises to my cheeks.

"Funny seeing you here Ellie." He says with that signature smirk

I didn't even think that the green eyed guy from the grocery store might be new here. I hadn't expected him to be here let alone at my locker. My hands start to sweat a little bit so I fold my arms hoping he won't notice.

"I-it's actually E-Ella." I say quietly.

"I know but I like Ellie, lil' one." he says.

Wow he doesn't even know me and already has a nickname for me, not one but two. Ellie and lil' one. I mean, I guess I'm a little bit short. Only five foot three and my head reaches his muscular chest. But that's the average height isn't it?

Realizing I don't know his name I ask. "What's y-your name?"

He gives me a small smile that makes my heart melt. "Declan, just moved here"

I nod my head "Well I s-should go find my friend O-Olivia, s-she's probably looking for me." I say, curse my stupid stuttering. But I need to leave he's making me nervous.

"Right, well stutter along then." Declan says, sending me a wink.

I blush even more. I probably look like a tomato, and of course he had to tease me about my stuttering. Leaving before I can humiliate myself more I walk quickly to where Olivia and I usually meet. Checking my phone theres only two minutes until first period starts. Not knowing where Olivia is I head to first period.

A couple minutes after I take my seat in the back, Olivia walks in. She is the complete opposite of me. She is outgoing with curly brown hair and caramel brown eyes. She has high cheek bones and is five foot seven. Everything about her screamed gorgeous.

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