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Today was the day. The day in which my life will be complete. The day in which I will become Myung-Hoons wife.

He had happily arrived in Canada on a warm winters morning. The snow around us was steadily melting as the clouds cleared and the sun enlighted the special location.

One of the pros about getting married out of sight in a foreign country is that although many idols had attended, there were no paprazzi to be seen.

"Big Marvel!" shouted JB from GOT7 walking over to us before the event had even began, "SO i know its your special day and all, but i wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend, Ria!"

A young pretty girl appeared from behind JaeBums back. I smiled at her and she slightly smiled back and bowed, "I am very happy for your marriage today"

"Thankyou Ria" I responded as i bowed in return.

"So when are you going to get ready?" asked JB who was already wearing his suit.

I giggled, "Well it is only 9am and the ceremonies at 3pm so I will go in a few hours."

"Are you laughing at how over prepared I am?" JB asked.

Ria shyly giggled as well.

"OK BYE" i said wanting to escape from the awkward situation, "See you later, it was lovely meeting you Ria!"

We all bowed towards eachother before i dragged Big Marvel of.

As soon as we turned away from JB and Ria, we were suddenly greeted by Blackpink and their partners.

I blushed when i saw JenKai had attended my wedding. "Hello Jennie and Kai, you look great together!"

They both bowed.

Standing behind them was Chanyeol and Rosé, Jin and Jisoo and Lisa and a girl i didnt recognise.

"This is Jessica!" stated Lisa after noticing i was trying to figure out who she was.

Me and Jessica quickly bowed at eachother.

"I am very happy for you and Myung-Hoon" said Rosé who was holding hands with Chanyeol.

"I hope i can be saying the same thing to you if you ever get married" i said before they giggled to eachother.

"May you please excuse us?" asked Big Marvel as he pulled my wrist. He took me into the log cabin near by the event.

We touched foreheads, "You have no idea how happy i am right now" grinned Big Marvel.

"I would kiss you" I began, "but we will save that for when i become Mrs. Hwang"

We both let out a little giggle at the sound of the name.

"Go and hide yourself" said Big Marvel, "We dont want everyone seeing the bride before the wedding"

"But what am i meat to do until then?" I asked.

He smirked at me, "I thought you might ask that..."

"ITS YOUR FAVOURITE MULLET MAN!" shouted an unexpected Taeyong from the door way. He strolled over to us, "I am so happy you are getting married to Myung-Balloon!"

"Ok so i will just leave you now" said Myung-Hoon as he began walking off.

Taeyong began hugging me, "MY CHILD IS ALL GROWN UP!"

I made him get off me, "I am not your daughter, and i was already grown up. You are only 3 years older than me, you are like the only one who is stupid enough to say that-"

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