Taiwan Marvel

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As we had just landed in Taiwan, I felt a hot breeze fly into my face. The best feeling.

"Come on, let's go" Big Marvel said before walking of leading me to chase him. Both our suitcases were a navy blue which made us look like a couple - which I kind of enjoyed.

I was wearing my white levi's t-shirt with some light washed dungaries. Of course I had on my white converse, however I complimented them with the same colour sunglasses.

Big Marvel was wearing black shorts and a black top. He wore a small gold chain around his neck and he had his all glass sunglasses on which had no rim. On his feet he wore some triple black huraches and he had a deep red backpack on.

A fancy car came to take us to our destination. Inside sweets and drinks were offered, making me feel like a VIP. I didn't speak Mandarin and so I had no idea what they were saying but Big Marvel seemed to be able to pick out a couple of words.

The drive was smooth and relaxing however myself and Big Marvel sat in a deadly silence until we reached the building.

Today we were shooting an advert for water. We were filming in a school.

"Why don't you just drink tap water?" I asked as I stepped out of the car questioning why this company wanted to sell water you can get for free.

"Because bottled water is better" he replied to me as he took of his backpack and placed it in my arm. He walked to the staff who were ushering him over to put make-up on him.

I asummed I just had to sign in and so I went to locate the director. I went through the school twice before I found a middle aged man in a white shirt and black jeans who was carrying a microphone.

"Excuse me!" I shouted, waving him down.

He looked at me and waited for me to finish running to him instead of walking to me as well.

"Big Marvel has arrived" I told him panting heavily.

He nodded and walked off. Rude.


After the advert was finished myself and Big Marvel decided to go for a walk to see Taiwan. The place I wanted to go was the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area which was a nature reserve with lots of beautiful, intricate trees and wooden structures.

As we arrived the sun was setting and so we went to a balcony area. The amount I had heard about the sunrises here was off the chart and so I hoped the sunset was just as beautiful.

Fog started coating the depths below in the mountins river creek like a tsunami. The sun blazed and gave my skin a warm buzz. The orange plants dazed in the almost moonlight and the flickers of the last light shone magically through the clouds. A amber red sky complimented the autumnal leaves spread across the high trees pointing towards the fire-like clouds struggling to get passed the thick layer of fog spread like a blanket across them. It's almost like I could hear the most impowering music rattling in my ears, giving me the ability to face the world.

"It's stunning" I mumbled as my eyes glowed at the sun disappearing behind the earth. My hair started waving as a flush of wind brushed passed me softly.

I turned to look at the train gliding passed me and this is when I noticed that me and Big Marvel were the only ones in the balcony. The green leaves surrounded us and the unique temples and building made me love Taiwan even more.

"Glad you like it. I paid 600 Taiwanese dollars for the both of us to this" said Big Marvel who was ruining the moment.

I looked up at him as the long branches waved behind his head.

I was so happy. Sunrises are rare here, let alone a sunset.

Before I knew it Big Marvel and I were staring eye to eye for a long time. The sun rising behind us...

We leaned forward, light sparking through the our bodies, clouds getting higher up covering our feet, and then our lips touched. We kissed. A Taiwan Kiss.

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