Mindless Marvel

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The sun shone through the wide, white windows creating shadows across the bed.

"Hello? Hello? Miss? Are you awake?" Asked an anonymous figure standing above my bed.

My head felt faint and I was boiling hot. Needles were jabbed across my body and I had lost feeling in my left leg and arm.

"Are you ok?" Questioned the figure once again.

I nodded. "What happened?"

"You were in a car speeding along a road when you hit another car. Luckily you were on the drivers side and so you missed the worst of the incident, however your boyfriend wasn't so fortunate" she explained. "The driver in the other car was killed instantly and his kid in the back seat is still unconscious. You broke your left arm and leg meanwhile your boyfriend broke 4 of his ribs and both legs. He woke up earlier"

Boyfriend? Who is my boyfriend?

I felt my head and sighed in confusion, "Who am I?"

The nurses eyes widened in fear and ran to get a doctor.

The doctor shone bright lights into my eyes and tested my temperature. "What is your name?" He asked meanwhile writing in his notebook.

I searched through my mind but it was no where to be seen. Emptiness. I couldn't remember anything.

It was hard to explain, but all of the empty space made me feel claustrophobic.

Both members staff in the room looked at each other with a concerned face.

I was shortly after rolled into another room and sat up with help of some staff. Once propped up I looked over at the bed they had placed me by. There was a boy, he looked older then me. Black hair and pale skin, he was tall.

"Myeong-Hoon?" Asked the nurse as she tapped his shoulder before his eyes widened.

"OH, ARE YOU OK?" Shouted the man as he got up suddenly and gave me a hug as I stood with a clueless face.

"I was so worried!" Shouted the man before he let go and smiled.

He saw my confused face and looked up at the doctor for an answer, "She can't remember anything."

The man stopped smiling and stared at me in shock.

"You remember me though, right?" He asked me in a mumble of words.

I shook my head to indicate my inability to remember him and he sat back and rubbed his eyes.

"She will regain her memory, I just don't know when" the doctor told the man.

He looked down and fiddled with his fingers.

"How long have you been my boyfriend?" I asked trying to regain my memory.

"Almost 2 weeks but we have known each other for almost 6 months now" he told me. "You also study astronomy at the university of Seoul, and you're 20, and you hate our neighbour, and your favourite country is Taiwan because we had our first serious kiss there" he listed as I recalled nothing. "You used to like this man called Jason, and you are rich, and you own a red Ferrari" he continued.

A tear formed in his eyes as he could see I wasn't recalling what he wanted me to, "You were born on the 4th July 1998, and you have two friends called Taehyung and Xuimin, and you want to be an astronaut"

I wanted to remember so bad but I couldn't. He looked at my face as a tear fell down his and he placed his hand on mine.

"Oh wait!" He pulled something from around my neck, "Do you remember this?!" He showed me a shiny, silver necklace with a sun attached as a charm.

My eyes glistened as I admired the sparkly object, "It's beautiful"

A smile reappeared on the mans face, "Can you remember it? You can remember it can't you —"

"— Where did I get that from?" I asked.

The frown re-established itself on his face. I wanted to remember who he was but I wasn't able to. I kept pushing and pushing and looking at the charm but no memories were being formed.

"Excuse me sir, but please may you lie back down as your bones are still healing" requested the nurse who tapped him on the shoulder earlier.

He followed her instruction and I was left alone with him to reorganise my head.

A awkward silence that felt so familiar dazed over us.

The man broke the quiet air in a flash, "You know, we killed someone"  he stated in a distraught tone. I didn't know who this man was, but he was in pain - physically and mentally.

I looked up at him to see he was still lying on his back, staring into space.

"Were we driving wrong?" I questioned, tilting my head as I did so.

"I distracted you. It's not your fault. It's mine" the man told me and I could see him shaking.

"The kid who was in the back of the other car is over there" he pointed at the other bed on the opposite side of the room, "I heard the doctors say his mum died when he was young and now his dads gone too - and it's all my fault"

He placed his hands into his face.

I could only see the top of the hair of the boy from the crash. He looked about 7 years old as he hair was still growing and shiny. Pictures were taped around the room of the same man and woman - likely his mum and dad.

"The doctors said he might need to be transferred to a hospital in Thailand for his injuries" the man lying in the bed next to me carried on.

At this point I also laid back onto my bed debating about how much of my fault it was that this little boy was left alone.

Will he ever wake up?

Sorry about how sad and depressing this book has gotten recently. It was meant to be comedy but it got a 'tiny' but dramatic. If there is anything you want to happen to either characters then comment it and I will make sure to include it! Hope you are still enjoying 😂❤️

- The0ry_

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