Jenkai Marvel

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"JENNIE... and-and KAI!?!" I screamed at my phone!

Big Marvel was speaking to me through the phone, "YES"

I had arrived back in Canada after London. My mum was still salty about me and Myung-Hoon and so I wanted to talk to her first.

She gave me her concent to get married, and so did my dad.

Oh yeah! I also just signed the adoption letters for BamBam! I am going to collect him soon.

Life has been incredible lately. I am starting my family! And I am just about to finish university.

"Did you see my YouTube?" Asked Big Marvel through the phone, "I smiled!"

I grinned like a happy mother and congratulated him. He had been working so hard on music.

When I began this job as Big Marvels assistant. I never expected to meet my fiancé, kid and bestest friends I could ever have. I also have fan fictions!!!

I began heading down to a small restaurant on the edge of my town, where I would meet up with my Canadian friends before going to Korea to get married.

My friends, Kila (also know as N4C1SSIC), Bella (sugakookie_straykids6), Katie (twentyonepanicboy), Sophie (Yallneed_Jesus_) and Kaytlynne (bravewildwolf), all waved at me as I walked in.

Kila screamed out her lungs, "THE QWEEN HAS ARRIVED!"

I took a large bow which led to them laughing. "Get us drinks" Katie commanded as I followed.

After I had gathered the drinks I was encouraged to sit down quickly as Kaytlynne started playing music.

"Is this Idol by BTS?" I asked as I passed the drink around.

She nodded and smiled, "however it's just a 12 hour loop of Yoongi's parts"

"-Erm ok no" I switched of the phone and stole it.

"NO GIVE IT BACK!!" Kaytlynne screamed at me.

I smirked, "Their old stuff is so much better anyways"

Suddenly Katie shrieked... "Erm Katie? Are you alive?" Asked Bella who was tapping her shoulder.

"Je-Je-Jennie and k-k-k-Kai?" She asked in shock.

I stood up from the table, "OMG ITS SO CUTE IM GONNA DIE"

"Jennie is meant to be with Taehyung! They are Gucci legends" she cried.

Sophie hit her aggressively, "Get over it"

I laughed but no one else did.

Katie pointed at me, "Who cares about JenKai when your getting married to Big Marvel"

"OTP!!!!" Yelled Sophie.

Bella interrupted the excitement, "erm I would come to the wedding buttttt... I have to make the cash"

I giggled and smiled.

"We actually almost died on a bridge in London" I snorted while remembering. "And then the bridge closed back together and me and Myung-Hook hugged and it was so romantic"

Katie was quick to respond, "Your so cheesy please stop"

Kaytlynne froze, staring through the window behind Katie. "ITS SUN! ACTUAL SUN!"

Everyone looked in excitement. It was beautiful. The sun was glimmering on the sparkling white snow as the skies shone a bright blue and heat flew through the air.

Sophie ran out in excitement and dived into the snow before beginning to sunbathe in her skiing gear.

Kila, who stood next to me, began speaking what would be the most intelligent thing to ever leave her mouth, "How cool would it be to have your wedding in the snow, on a hot day, in your home town"

"YESSSSSSSSSS OMG THAT WOULD BE GOALS" Shouted Bella who just wanted to play with BamBam.

Katie stood still, "Please invite Taehyung, I need to support him through his hard time where Jennie is being stolen by Kai"

"Are you going to invite Baekhyun to your wedding after what happened with the whole cheating scandal thing?" Kaytlynne asked as she took of her winter coat.

"He's my friend. I have too. And I can't invite Exo and not him. It's just like Jason is coming too, and Himari" I explained. "I have made a list of whose coming"

 "I have made a list of whose coming"

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"Woah! So many fans!!" Stated Bella!

"They deserve it" I grinned, "Now I need to text Big Marvel about getting married out here!!"

HEYYY!! So I am sorry this chapter is really short, and it took me ages to make 😂. This is kind of a fill in chapter before the wedding chapter. It also gives me an opportunity to thank all the fans and readers! This book will end soon. I can either end it completely or create a 'call me boss 2' where we follow the life of you, Big Marvel and your new son BamBam. Maybe in it you can actually get pregnant, or buy a house! It's your option! Please comment! I only have the wedding chapter and final chapter to go so not much of this left!! I will also do a thank chapter at the end!
The Canadian friends of yours were actually based on some INCREDIBLE fans! Who spent time out of their day reading through tons of chapters and leaving me really funny comments to laugh at, along with voting for every single one of them.
The people at the wedding were all of my followers and commenters on recent chapters. Sorry if I didn't include you! If you are reading this and weren't included in today's chapter, leave a comment and I will add you to the Thank you chapter at the end!!
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