New Car Marvel

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I was speeding down the busy roads of South Korea, my hair flying in the wind and my sunglasses reflecting the bright sun.

My first car.

A red Ferrari.

My dad was a Ferrari product and engineering designer and consultant, which brought in a lot of money and free cars. Free cars for me.

"This was so worth revising hours to get my license" I mumbled under my breath as I roared the engine.

Soon after, I stopped at a local super market and walked inside.

I searched and searched and searched for an at least near to $1000 pen however the most expensive one was $30.

"Excuse me?" I asked meanwhile tapping a male staff member, "Will you sell me a pen for $1000?"

The small man turned and looked at me in confusion. He shook his head and left me alone in the stationary isle.

I looked down ashamed of my inabilty to retrieve an expensive pen.

The ones online would take days to come and to find one in person is almost as impossible as finding a 4 leaf clover on a rainy day.

"Is the Ferrari yours?" Asked an annonomus voice standing to my right.

As I look up I jumped in fear meanwhile a shiver of goosebumps circled my body.

"Big Marvel?" I asked as I saw it was him speaking to me.

He nodded and walked over to me, getting uncomfortably close to my face. I could clearly see his deep brown eyes and his long soft eyelashes waving elegantly infront of mine. He repeated his question, "Is the Ferrari yours?"

I stared into his breathtaking eyes and stumbled with my words, "Ye-s-yes-yeah"

He backed away from my face and started walking out of the shop.

"I couldn't get the pen!" I shouted gaining his attention.

He turned around. The light from the window behind exsentuated his figure and made him look like a god.

Unforgettably, he started taking off his denim jacket. He walked up to me and held out the jacket for me to take.

"Don't worry. Put this on and pretend you are super rich. Lets go" he told me as he pushed the jacket onto my chest leaving him in a plain black t-shirt and jeans.

I followed him eagerly and didn't question his actions.

"Hello. I am Big Marvel. Today we are going to see an $1000 car vs a $1 car" he explained as he introduced the video in the car park.

My car cost a lot more than $1000 but I didn't want to argue with him.

After he had finished speaking, just like he did in the guitar video, he looked at me with a deathly glare indicating me to do something.

I scampered into my car and hyped the engine until it growled giving me a rush of excitment and gaining the attention and thrill of everyone in the car park.

Everyone smiled and look interested meanwhile Big Marvel just stood in the same place; skin as white as a snow ball; lips as red as my car; and a face as emotionless as a scarecrow.

It seemed like everyone was enjoying my car apart from him.

He wandered around and into his Honda Jazz before trying to roar the engine - which resulted in his car honking like a duck.

Once again, the death stare.

I roared my engine so loud people were stopping their shopping to see what caused the violent noise.

He followed in his car once again, this time making his car sound like a crying cow.

What was the point of this?

After 5 or 6 more times of vamping our cars, we had a crowd of around 100 people.

Big Marvel had gotten out of his car and I was questioning whether to follow him.

"Thankyou for watching"

The crowd clapped and relocated after the show was over.

Big Marvel asked me to roll down the window of my car so he could speak to me.

"No need to come tomorrow. I have another friend coming. His name is Big Sky."

I nodded my head and swallowed heavily.

"Give me your phone" he commanded.

I gave him my Samsung and waited in silence while he typed in his number.

Once he had passed me back the phone I looked at the contact.

He had called himself "boss".

"What does this mean?" I asked.

"From now on, call me boss"

"You sound like a gang leader" I giggled before looking up to see him and his car had vanished.

I think I have gone mad.

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