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Me and Big Marvel had some how ended up in the woods at 11pm. Why you ask? Because Big Marvel dragged us out to find were-wolves since it was the full moon, and he needed a new video to post.

"This is NOT safe" I continuously complained.

He told me to shut up. Thankyou - much appreciated. I can tell he cares a lot about me.

My biggest fear was the dark, and so I was honestly scared.

"Shhh" Big Marvel whispered meanwhile sharply moving his camera so he could film every inch of the deep forest towering with trees.

We were in Bukhansan National Park, spreading across Seoul and Gyeonggi, covering an area of 79.92km. It was quilted in vibrant green trees and over sized rocks pointing out from beneath them. Assigned randomly along the edges of cliffs and around open spaces laid lightly coloured flowers anticipating bloom in what was the sunlight. Huge dips in the countryside promoted danger and fear however sat underneath the tallest mountain was a traditional Korean hut, home of travellers and hikers which represented the opposing feeling of warmth and comfort.

Me and my dad used to trek through the autumn wilderness weekly, even when it snowed. I remember the sunset I watched with him when I was 10, it was the most beautiful sunset I had ever witnessed. However, he later got promoted at work and we couldn't go anymore but as soon as I was old enough I decided to sit on top of the highest rock and watch the universe, count constellations, and memorise the crazy names of the stars.

As beautiful as Bukhansan was, the darkness surrounding me in that moment with Big Marvel was blinding. I had lost most of my senses - my sight, my smell, my taste, my hearing. I could only rely on my touch.

"Do you think there are ghosts out here?" Big Marvel Asked the camera.

I looked at him and the flashlight reflecting out of his phone, "If there are ghosts, consider us broken up"

Big Marvel laughed.

My phone was out of charge and so he was my flashlight and my only way to safety... unfortunately.

"Have you done that instagram thing yet today?" Big Marvel asked as he stopped and shined the torch in my face.

I pushed the bright light away, "You mean Daybreakers? Yeah I did it this morning"

Suddenly a loud howl echoed over the hillside. Everything froze, from the trees to the leaf falling from a branch above us.

"WERE-DWOLF!" Big Marvel mispronounced as he ran for safety, leaving me behind to fend for myself.

When I caught up with him, I could hear him still vlogging through his loud panting, "So I--Think--We just found--A Were Wolf"

I no longer had any trace of where we were. The sky was dark, no stars like there used to be, and the trees were frozen as no wind blew. Strange chills repeatedly flooded my body as I could sense fear in the air. Is there a predator to be worried about, and if there is - where is it?

"This is all your fault!" Big Marvel childishly pointed his finger at me. Was he blaming this on me? You can tell I am the mature one in this relationship.

Big Marvel slapped himself before passing the camera to me. "Film me" he commanded.

He stood in a small clearing and started dancing with no music to Momoland's BBoom BBoom.

"WOW! Fantastic! Stunning!" I encouragingly shouted sarcastically.

"Did I do well?" he asked after finishing. I looked at him, "You did great! I think you scared away the wolf!" His expression changed drastically.

I turned off the camera and started to focus of returning us home safely. "Myeong-Hoon, can I call someone on your phone?"

Instantaneously, the howl returned making me jump and drop Big Marvels phone in a puddle before rain started to unexpectedly pour.

"Over here!" exclaimed Big Marvel as he pulled me into a sheltered cave.

"Your phone!" I told him as I pointed at the mobile lying on the ground.

A roar of thunder surrounded the forest before a flash of light lit up the sky, almost as if it was daytime, "We cant leave here until the lightning has stopped, all of the trees are a conduct of lightning, the cave is the best place to stay."

We began to venture further into the establishment of rocks dripping with rain. It began as a tunnel before opening up into a wide maze full of sharp turns and holes.

As we walked along the edge of a large rock to cross into another section of the cave, the rock became unsteady and cracked under the pressure. We plummeted around 15 feet before landing in a large chamber, accompanied by a gorgeous waterfall. I was fine, however I landed on Big Marvel who was clearly affected by the impact. Thankfully none of the rocks fell directly on top of us and only caused a few bruises for me but Myung-Hoon seemed to be in pain as I landed on his arm.

"YOU IRIA" He shouted before it echoed throughout the cave tunnels, "You broke my arm! How am I meant to play my chicken now!"

He managed to get up and push me with his good arm, this was the first time I had seen him angry.

"I am sorry--" I murmured before getting interrupted.

"-Sorry?! If sorry worked then no one would be in jail. First you hurt me by flirting with Jason, then you got us into a car crash, then you fought with your parents at the wedding, then you lied about your birth place, and now you have broken my arm! Can you do anything right?!" Shouted Big Marvel meanwhile raising his hands in the air.

"What? I did all of them things because I wanted us to be together! I never knew you liked me when I was with Jason, I got more hurt in the car accident, I fought with my parents for us, I lied because I wanted the job with you, and YOU brought us into the woods and I was a supportive girlfriend and faced my biggest fear for YOU!" I yelled at him.

He looked at me with rage in his eyes. We were wet, cold, and lost, if he had any issues with our relationship he wasn't going to hold them back. I had to fix things quickly.

"I'm sorry", I grabbed his hand and held it tight before reciting 3 words I had never said with such passion before, "I love you"

We stared in eachothers eyes before he calmed down and repeated, "I love you too"

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