New Start Marvel

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It's only a new job.

I wasn't worried about the university interview so why was I so worried about my first day at work?

I knocked on the door of an apartment I had never seen before.

My left foot kept on tapping the floor as my converse felt like they were getting thinner and thinner from the continuous hitting. My brown hair was lying straight down my back and my bomber jacket what lightly sitting on my shoulders.

The white door reading the number '454' slowly creaked open making me even more anxious.


Waiting at the door was a man. He had ash black hair and dead brown eyes. He looked about 5"10 and he was holding a cardboard guitar.

He put his finger up to his expressionless face indicating me to be quiet.

I nodded and he moved away from the door as I walked in.

The apartment was as plain as his personality. White walls, wood floor, 1 sofa and that was it.

I sat on the black sofa and got out my phone.

"I am Big Marvel" he said over exsentuating each word making him sound like a robot.

I nodded and stood up to bow.

"Let's get to work" he said in the same boring voice.

Silence dominated the room as he reached for a camera he had left behind the sofa.

After 5 minutes of awkward silence he came and sat next to me meanwhile pressing record on the camera.

"Hello, I am Big Marvel. Today I have my new assistance with me. She is from a different country. Say hello"

I raised my right hand and waved meanwhile pulling a fake smile.

"She plays guitar"

I then realised I had forgotten my guitar.

"Erm... excuse me... but my guitar... I don't have it"

The mysterious man walked out of the room leaving me with the camera which was still recording.

He came back a moment later with a guitar and rested it in my lap.

There was an embarrassing pause before he spoke, "My assistant is forgetful"

I nodded.

He looked at me expecting me to play something.

I picked up the guitar and performed a little bit of the song despicito.

I looked at him wondering what to do next.

He picked up his cardboard guitar and started making weird noises with his mouth meanwhile mimiking to play the instrument.

He stopped and looked at me again with a death stare.

This time I played Ko Ko Bop by Exo.

Once again he used his mouth to play the mini guitar.

I was so confused.

This process repeated a couple of more times before he signed off the video.

"Is that all I have to do?" I asked nervously for his response.

He nodded and ushered me out of the house.

When we reached the entrance he spoke to me before slamming the door in my face, "Same time tommorow, bring a $1000 pen"

Where was a suppose to get a $1000 pen from? We don't even live in America.

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