RIP Big Marvel

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"AWWW PARKER IS SO CUTE!" shouted Taehyung as he ran into Big Marvels apartment.

Big Marvel was out, he claimed he was going to build a styrofoam boat thingy (At this point i dont even question him), so I invited Taehyung and Xuimin around.

"Hes like a little MARSHMELLOW" said Xuimin in his cute voice.

Xuimin and Taehyung started fighting over Parker for his attention.

"Guys chill! Stop fighting!" I shouted.

Taehyung grabbed the dog and held him in his arms tightly.

"Oppa! You will strangle him!" i shouted removing Parker from his arms and holding him in my own.

"Its soooo hot" complained Xuimin as he fell back on the floor.

"Atleast you dont have fur coat like Parker" Taehyung told Xuimin as he started petting my dog again.

"To be honest..." said Xuimin sitting up again, "You almost have a fur coat yourself with that mullet"

I laughed but Taehyung didnt.

Suddenly I saw someone storm through the door, "BIG MARVEL AND CHICKEN ARE DEAD"

I looked up in shock. It was Big Marvels friends, the ones he went to build the boat with.

"WHAT!?" I shouted. Taehyung grabbed Parker who had fallen out of my arms.

One of the friends walked up to me and placed his hand on my shoulder, "The boat wasnt strong enough against the waves"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" shouted a voice from along the corridor.

Xuimin started smelling the air, "Why does it suddenly smell so tropical?"


"What happened to Big Marvel!? Himari asked as she wandered through the door being tailed by Sehun.

"Is that Sehun from Exo?" Xuimin asked, "I like Exo, they are good"

"DARLING" stumbled Himari wandering to me, " 진심이야?"


Thankfully Taehyung knew Japanese, "We dont know if he is dead or not Himari"

"Well the boat fell" explained one of the friends, "And we found this". He held up Big Marvels chicken who is now unfortunately headless.

The room went silent, "Who is Big Marvel?" interupted Sehun.

"ME" Shouted a swamp monster towering in the entrance.

His hair was dripping wet along with his clothes, makeup was also smudged down his face. He pointed at Big Marvels friends incandesent with rage, "You".

Everyone stared at the three friends before his shouted again, "YOU ARE IRRIA!"

Big Marvel? He was almost unrecognizable.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Taehyung asked me.

I looked at the man in the door way again and hesitated before I replied, "I think so"

The man, thought to be Big Marvel, stomped through the entrance with a bucket that he had removed from behind the archway.

He slowly walked up to his friends while we all stood in aw.

The bucket flooded straight over their heads covering them in a slime-like liquid.

Xuimin started laughing loudly, "You should make that into a video!" he exclaimed.

Big Marvel nodded and walked away to have a shower.

"Oh thank goodness he is ok," Himari began, "I would be destraught if he didnt make it"

"So" I interupted trying to divert the conversation until i could understand the situation from Big Marvel himself, "When are you getting married Himari?"

She looked at me and smiled, "10th August" she told me.

"2 days?" asked Taehyung still cuddling the now sleeping Parker.

"I want to get married ASAP! You are all invited, you must come"

She reached into her red leather bag and pulled out a stack of invitations before handing them out to us one by one.

"I gotta leave" Taehyung said, "My mum wants me back for 5pm"

"I thought Baekhyun said 6pm" said Xuimin.

I giggled.

"Dont worry about wedding presents" Sehun said.

"Oh no!" I said simply trying to remain polite, "We must get you something". Although i hated Himari, I still had to treat her on her special day.

Himari interupted, "Oppa is just joking" she said as she fake laughed.

"What do you want?" asked one of Big Marvels friends.

"Oh nothing much" Himari began, "Only a little something like an IPhone or a TV - dont spend too much"

Xuimin spit out his water all over Taehyung, "ONLY an IPhone!?"

Big Marvel re-entered the room.

"Ok - Everyone out of my house"

One by one each person left. Sehun then Himari then Big Marvels friends then Taehyung then Xuimin.

"Are you ok?" I asked Big Marvel as i brushed his shoulder.

He looked at the headless chicken resting on the table, "Chicken is dead"

"I am sorry"

He walked away and smiled.

Shortly after he returned with a sword and went into the kitchen. After i had followed him i realised he had lined 6 water bottles up.


He used the sword to split through each object.

"I find it really concerning that you have a sword just lying around"

A knock on the door.

If that is Himari i will -

"EDWARD!" Shouted Big Marvel as he opened the door, "Nice to meet you"

They shook hands, "We already met last week" stated Edward slightly concerned.

"Nice to meet you" Big Marvel repeated.

"Nice to see you again" Edward said as he walked in.

He approched me, "You must be Big Marvels girl?"

I nodded akwardly.

"Wheres the alchohol Big M?!" He asked.

Myeong-Hoon entered with 2 bottles of open vodka as he danced around.

Edward grabbed one and started glugging it.

"We need to film a video with these" Big Marvel said.

"That doesnt matter" Edward replied, "We can just pretend we filmed it once already but the mic was off"

Big Marvel joined in the exstensive drinking.

Drunk Marvel 2.0

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