Seoul Marvel

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Big Marvel rushed me out if the hospital as soon as he was healed. The only thing left to revive was my memory.

"Come on, Iria!" he yelled at me as he tightly tugged on my hand. What did he just call me?

We ran as fast as our legs could carry us before we arrived at a grass field. There was a long path stretched through the middle and what seemed like hundreds of benches lining it. A river flowed as the trees towered over it, as green as they could be since the sun was shining bright.

"What is this place?" I asked out of curiosity.

Big Marvel tugged my wrist again, pulling me forward until we reached one of the benches. He sat me down and indicated for me to look at a certain spot on the wood.

Lightly sketched onto the splintering seat, was mine and Myeong-Hoons names, captured and surrounded by a large love heart.

"We did that!" Big Marvel announced, "You and me, 2 months ago"

I looked at him and smiled weakly meanwhile rubbing the memorable chalk.

Big Marvel held my hand in anticipation, "Do you remember?"

I stared at the writing but yet no memories were retrieved. I shook my head.

Shortly after Big Marvel pulled me over to an ice cream van and asked me what flavour i wanted. I told him Strawberry.

Big Marvel frowned, "Are you sure? You usually order chocolate"

Erm- "Chocolate it is then!"

I gave my ice cream a lick before smiling with happiness.

"We used to come here every day and i would teach you English -- Well, as we just found out you're Canadian, i assume you already knew it" Big Marvel said before getting anxious.

"That boy said I was Canadian but I really can't remember anything in English. How come I can remember Korean but not English?" I asked.

Big Marvel strugged his shoulders.

"So, do you remember coming here? Does the taste of the ice cream feel familiar?!" Big Marvel questioned.

I looked at my food and sighed. "No"

My head fell down in frustration causing the ice cream to land directly in my face. Big Marvel laughed with enjoyment and it felt like the first time we had ever connected.

"Ok. One more attempt" Big Marvel said as he pulled me out of the park with Ice Cream driping down my face.

We arrived at a tall building filled with apartment blocks. We took the lift to the 7th floor and followed the never ending hallways until we reached a tucked-away house sitting under a broken light. Big Marvel pulled out some keys and twisted the door handle as he pushed them in the keyhole.

The door swung open, "ITS GOOD TO BE HOME" Myeong-Hoon shouted in English.

I walked in and Big Marvel offered to take my coat off. As I accepted I asked a question, "Is this your house?"

Big Marvel nodded and I walked into the living room. "It not much, but its home" He said.

I picked up a rubber chicken lying on the table, "Whats this?" I questioned as I held the chicken out for Big Marvel to see.

Myeong-Hoon smiled gently, "Erm-You will find that out soon" He assured and he took the rubber toy and placed a tissue in my hand so i could rub the ice cream of my face.

I looked around before Big Marvel sat down on the black sofa, "So, do you remember now?"

Unfortunately, I had to shake my head.

Big Marvel sighed heavily and gently smiled, "Oh well... I guess we will just have to remake our memories"

I smiled in return before reinvestigating the room.

"Is that a guitar!?" I asked as I picked up the instrument.

Big Marvel smiled and nodded.

I went to stand back and try to play the string instrument however my foot got caught under the chair. I fell forward and landed on top of Big Marvel, lips touching after the fall.

We were kissing.

I pulled away and giggled, "Haha that was like a remake of our first kiss!"

Big Marvel began to laugh before staring at me in shock. "Wait... Do you remember!?"

"What?" I asked.

"You remember our first kiss?"

I paused. I scrolled back through my memories...

'4th July 1998'
'Taehyung and Xuimin'

"I can remember --- I CAN REMEMBER!" I shouted as I hugged Big Marvel.

I could remember everything.

"True Loves Kiss" recited Big Marvel under his breathe as our kiss brought back my memories.

I was over joyed... I could remember EVERYTHING.

"Can you remember how you know English?" sparked Big Marvel obviously agitated by the boy from the other day.

"Yes. I came from Canada. But i was raised in a Korean house in British colombia. I am full Korean and 2 years before i was born, my parents relocated to Canada because my dad got a job. British Columbia is beautiful and contains spectacular views however our house was reserved and so i didnt go to school and didnt learn English. When i turned 10 i was forced into an international school where i met Xuimin, Taehyung and Hyung-Seok because they spoke Korean as well. I never learnt English. I studied as a Korean in an International school." I explained.

Big Marvel smiled.

I had my memory back. What more could go wrong?

Hi, so i basically messed up the whole langauges thing as i forgot i mentioned in a pervious chapter that she doesnt speak english. But she does! She speaks English and Korean, that is it.