Purple Marvel

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I looked into the cold dead eyes of Big Marvel while he was eating his breakfast.
One by one he swallowed the plain cereal with no milk to soften it. I couldn't help but watch him as i was so fasinated by this strange man who i worked for.

"What are you looking at?" Asked Big Marvel who was still eating.

I dropped my fork in embarrassment.

"Um... Oh... um... yeah" What am I saying?

I looked across the room to see a purple hair dye packet sitting on the edge of the chair, "I was imagining what you would look like with purple hair"

He looked up at me unimpressed and so I pulled a stupid face and gave him a thumbs up.

"I'm dying it today"

I spit out my food in shock, "Really?!"

He nodded and carried on eating.


The door bell rang and so I went to answer.

It was a small Korean lady with a hair dye kit in her right hand. She was wearing a black top that said Chanel and Colette, and a basic black mask.

Thank the Lord that he wasn't doing it by himself.

I let her in and she entered the main room where Big Marvel had set up his camera and was sitting on a stall.

"Idiot! Get over here" shouted my boss towards the lady.

Well that was rude.

She sat down next to Big Marvel and I pressed record on the camera.

"Hello, it's Big Marvel and today I am going to get my hair dyed"

He then slapped himself.

I stood for around an hour watching Big Marvel dye his hair. I had never had my hair dyed before and I was considering getting my hair done as well.

A thick layer of foam, in which the lady and niether I knew what it was, was layered on Big Marvels head and scrubbed heavily with a towel.

Big Marvel had to leave it on for an hour to dry and so I decided to grab some burgers from the American shop down town.

When I was paying I noticed a familiar face greeting me at the till. Jason.

"Oh Hi Jason" I greeted with a smile, "Why are you working here?"

He scanned my packet of burger buns meanwhile replying, "Big Marvels assistant job doesn't pay that much"

We both laughed in agreement.

"Big Marvels getting his hair dyed. You should come back and watch! It's so funny" I told him before taking my food.

"Nah... Me and Myeong Hoon are not getting along so well recently" He replied looking down.

I immediately assumed it was me that had caused the rivalry.

"Um, Ok" I mumbled while a strong akwardness flooded the air, "I will get going then"

I wandered back to the apartment to find Big Marvel brushing out his new hair.

It was a luxurious black violet which brought light to his face. His slight waves complimented the deep shade and matched his deathly eyes. He look almost like a vampire.

"Wow! That's so nice!" I stated before running up and giving it a feel.

He nodded his head in agreement and took the back of burgers into the kitchen.

I was left with the hair dresser. This was the perfect time to ask her about my hair.

Here goes...

"Excuse me but can I have my hair dyed the colour..."

I hope you enjoying the story so far. Please comment what hair colour you want your character to have and I will pick the most common reply.
Also, Sorry if you get confused on the meanings of the words. I'm British and some words might not be the same in your country and so I try to use worldwide words but it's quite hard. Sorry in advance.
Finally, if you have any suggestions for what you want to happen in a future chapter, comment or message me directly and I will definatly consider it.
Thankyou for reading and hope you enjoy,
From The0ry_

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