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When a university student gets a job for a famous YouTuber, she doesn't realise she will experience a lot of chickens, calculators and memes.
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Saving My Heart [#Contemporary][#New Adult] by MarilynVix
Saving My Heart [#Contemporary][ Marilyn Vix
Meet Julie: She's spent some good times meeting with her book club in the old mansion. But now the city is going to tear it down. The bulldozers are destroying the guest...
  • newadult
  • firstjob
  • new-adult
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Will Poulter x reader (TMR) by manning666
Will Poulter x reader (TMR)by manning666
Your mum kept pushing you to do something you dreamed about and it finally happened. You got a part in The maze runner. Lets just hope your really good at acting. Maybe...
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Independence | A Modern Romance by SassandSparkles
Independence | A Modern Romanceby SassAndSparkles
Independence has been something Cate has been dreaming of forever and moving to Florida the day after college graduation seems like just the way to gain it. Changes of t...
  • modern
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My Walmart Story by catfanemma
My Walmart Storyby catfanemma
A true story of my time at Wal-Mart.
  • retail
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The Library by RoseSarro
The Libraryby Rose Sarro
Liz wants to have a great summer. Always the book worm, her summer job reflects her future goals. When she discovers a mystical portal into her favorite books will she...
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Wrestling Goddess by Robogenius
Wrestling Goddessby Robogenius
A beautiful model has the looks and talent. How would she feel stepping foot into a wrestling ring? This is the story of the Wrestling Goddess Alexa Adams. NOTICE: (HAVE...
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  • women
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One big Mistake by charlotte641
One big Mistakeby charlotte641
  • barmaid
  • love
  • firstjob
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A Heart Ablaze by flower_petals45
A Heart Ablazeby Emma Boelke
I thought, "he's hopelessly blind. Never seeing Me". But no, I was the blind one. A story of a girl who learned to see. Who learned to look past...
  • blind
  • selflove
  • teen
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The Stylist by spxrklingdrxmer
The Stylistby spxrklingdrxmer
Heyyy this is my first ever story so im sorry for the quality but what can i say!
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  • elizabeth
  • whhhooooppppp
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Frozen Yogurt by _alli_blu_
Frozen Yogurtby _alli_blu_
Charlotte Dunsen is happy that it's finally Summer break. She doesn't like that her parents told her to get a job which she thinks will totally ruin her fun. But to her...
  • summerromance
  • summer
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If Life's a Roller Coaster Then why Does it Feel Like We're on a Tilt-a-Whirl? by Local_Creep
If Life's a Roller Coaster Then Local_Creep
Anyone who's ever worked fast food can agree that it was more than they bargained for, but there's always something strangely moving about the experience. Of course tha...
  • firstjob
  • teen
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The Young & Reckless by Fridha_A
The Young & Recklessby Fridha_A
First job, first love found in the corporate world. A chicklit that revolves around a couple in a long-distance relationship. P.S. : This is my first story too :D Read i...
  • firsttime
  • chicklit
  • love
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Sales Soldier by TomFeulner
Sales Soldierby Tom Feulner
One young man's struggle to find fortune in the entry-level trenches of the American workforce teaches him the importance of hustle, the destructiveness of fear, and the...
  • boston
  • entrylevel
  • leadership
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Short storys  by Jessie_Raven168
Short storys by K.L
From teens of every age, including women who remember what it was like, come stories of first love, first jobs, best friends, heartbreak, hope, innocence, and the real w...
  • chocolate
  • teenagers
  • inspiration
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"First Pages" by HappyHippieWriter
"First Pages"by HappyHippieWriter
A poem about firsts.
  • firstdate
  • motivation
  • firstjob
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When She Said Yes by CatinaDogSuit
When She Said Yesby Cat in a dog suit
This is a story about Mira, who had no idea that a thing called Kpop exists. And V'hook who is the star, the bad boy of kpop who is on the prime of his career. What will...
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Rose 🌹  by kiwikidhes
Rose 🌹 by Em
A teen love story
  • onedirection
  • liampayne
  • niallhoran
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I'm in love with the Cook by HelloMitty115
I'm in love with the Cookby TheAbsOfJesusChrist
Misty had a crush on a boy in her school. People said he was dangerous and that I shouldn't go near him, but I wanted to get to know him anyways. --------------- Not be...
  • waitress
  • cook
  • comedy
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