Learning Korean  by ARandomBeing1230
Learning Korean by Merong Pogi
I'm not Korean. I'm also learning just like you guys, so. Yep. I got this from somewhere in the internet and... that source is pretty reliable. Anyway, this book will b...
  • korean
  • learn
Of Trials and Misfortune  by tsunamisea
Of Trials and Misfortune by LHTsunamisea
"Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again." He muttered, running his hard hands across her cheek. "Why..." she trailed staring into his da...
  • fanfiction
  • koreandramas
  • koreanfanfic
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Explore Restaurants That Has Extensive Korean Chinese Food Menu by joongkoogjip
Explore Restaurants That Has Exten...by joongkoogjip
Have you tried an array of unique Korean Chinese cuisines? No, then do not forget to explore restaurants around you that offer the best of Korean Chinese delicacies. The...
  • restaurants
  • restaurant
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Identity by froskookie
Identityby froskookie
A story where 5 masked girls are forced to form a musical group to perform at school and entertain the other students.
  • highschool
  • band
  • music
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Kpop Crackship Gif Shop (Open) by Kim-Tae-Chi
Kpop Crackship Gif Shop (Open)by Stahb It!
Here I will post all of my crackship gifs of kpop idols since gifs in fan fictions look so good and bless us with each chapter. Copyright © Sofia McCann 2018
  • cringeworthy
  • korean
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K-POP Song Lyrics by triplesinday
K-POP Song Lyricsby triplesinday
K-POP song lyrics. Let me know if there's any song you want. Lyrics ALL IN HANGUL.
  • korean
  • song
  • k-pop
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Baker's Fro Yo Shop by 6theaven
Baker's Fro Yo Shopby 6theaven
"I can't stop loving him." "So love me." This story is about Beth and Kyle, Best friends that work at Baker's Fro You Shop. Beth desperately trying t...
  • kyle
  • frozenyogurt
  • africanamericanfemale
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You Have Me by kwon_bootiful
You Have Meby 권순지
Lee Soo Yeon will face different challenges, mostly about her latest scandal with her best friend, Yi An. She faced many haters and many anti fans. Everyday she receives...
  • highschool
  • got7
  • romance
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I promise I will never let you go.... by taetae000089
I promise I will never let you go...by taetae000089
Here guys is my real story with a korean guy and his lies....I hope ypu woll enjoy :)
  • realstory
  • korean
  • girl
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Life as A Kpop Idol's Makeup Artist by justleejinki525
Life as A Kpop Idol's Makeup Artistby 0309 angela
The life of a girl(SooEun) and two kpop idol, NCT Jaehyun's and SHINee's Onew. Sooeun is an intern undergoing a training programme introduced by SM Salon.She was in char...
  • smentertainement
  • kpop
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Your Guide to Korean Language  by black_sae_15
Your Guide to Korean Language by black_sae_15
  • study
  • koreanlanguage
  • guide
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It talks... by TaehyungPie
It talks...by TaehyungPie
What would you do if you heard your cat talking.?? Well Jaehee heard her cat talk.. She just moved to Seoul from Busan... She's an ordinary girl.. She moved with her sis...
  • korean
  • school
  • love
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°Knock Knock° by EkokiNekio
°Knock Knock°by Ekoki
"Can I stay here with you?" "If you would like that." Nakia who is 15 has a crush on her neighbor Esoki who is 21. Esoki got the job to babysit Naki...
  • hantai
  • anime
  • korean
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The Best Mistake by MaReKrs
The Best Mistakeby MaRe Krs
Ji-Eun Hamasaki has a great life. Straight A student, somewhat athletic, and very beautiful. And it helps when your father is one of the richest businessmen in the city...
  • teenpregnancy
  • korean
  • mistake
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Exo BoyxBoy Images by baekhyunnnns
Exo BoyxBoy Imagesby 💫L💫
  • junmyeon
  • yixing
  • lấy
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TOMBOY by NeverlandVC
En este libro encontrarás consejos, situaciones tipicas de una tomboy.. Espero que os guste !
  • comoser
  • amberliu
  • tomboygirl
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Korean Edits by parkchimin_smc
Korean Editsby siya - nis
Hi! This is just a random book about kpop. I just edited some kpop pics. You can request if you want but in one condition, follow me!
  • igot7
  • army
  • kpop
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Images by shyboiyoongo
Imagesby Yoongo Boongo
"My problem is I can't stay mad. I always end up forgiving people, even when they don't deserve it."
  • jimin
  • comedy
  • fluff
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Coming to you live by _saccharin
Coming to you liveby Honey Sucrose 🍯
"Girl your body be like Laputa." [DPR LIVE x Reader] [NSFW/FLuff]
  • koreanhiphop
  • hongdabin
  • poc
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