Drunk Marvel

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After I had finished glaring at my new blue, purple and pink hair, I decided it was time to leave and go back home.

This is your new hair ⬇

"Goodbye Myeong-Hoon" I shouted happily as I opened the door to exit

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"Goodbye Myeong-Hoon" I shouted happily as I opened the door to exit.

Suddenly, In a flash of a second, the lights dimmed to a black darkness. All across the apartment block the once blinding lights have rebelled and broken. It was a black out.

I heard a scream coming from Big Marvels apartment and so I dashed back into his house in a blink of an eye.

"What's wrong?" I yelled trying to find him in the pitch black darkness.

"Dark" I heard a sound coming from Big Marvels bedroom.

I wandered through the midnight halls, my feet gently tapping the stone cold floor as I rubbed my hand along the wall trying to find where it came to an end.

I reached the room of my boss and I slowly entered, slightly fearful of what was inside.
I switched the lights on and off, on and off repeatively but they wouldn't produce the light that I wanted.

"Myeong-hoon?" I whispered only to get a unidentifiable murmur in response.

I shot back into the kitchen and lit the one candle I knew Big Marvel kept in his house. Cotton candy - he refused to tell me who he got it from.

As I strolled back into Big Marvels room I heard a crashed which made me walk faster but with more consciousness. This time I placed the candle in the room before me but doing this only found a large man on the floor - Big Marvel.

I scampered down to him, hitting my knees on the wooden floor as I landed. It seemed to me as that Big Marvel was scared of the dark and had fallen because of the inability to see. His leg was bleeding heavily but I dreaded walking back through the haunting corridors of the apartment to locate a bandage. My shirt was long and so I used all of my strength to pull a long strip of it off to use on Big Marvel.

"Don't use your shirt" Big Marvel whispered to me, obviously in pain. I carried on, objecting his command.

I carefully wrapped the bandage around Myeong-Hoons leg which was already starting to swell. I didn't want to call the hospital as all he needed was rest and not stitches, so I decided to place him on his bed.

Big Marvel picked up the half full bottle of alcohol left by his bed and started drinking it while lying down. Before I knew it my boss what drunk.

"Hahaha, You're so stupid!" Big Marvel said to me meanwhile trying to take his bandage off.

"I didn't do anything" I replied pushing his hands away from his injury.

"Let me tell you a story" he started.

Oh no.

"One day a big big bison came to the top of the hill and ate all of the cacti. That is why the cacti don't live their anymore" he carried on.

I shouldn't have let him drink.

I noticed his head slipping off the navy blue pillow he was once sleeping on and so I got up to move it. I carefully pulled his head into the air, and placed the pillow back underneath.

I started to walk away and get an actual bandage and see if the lights were working but Big Marvel grabbed my wrist and refused to let go.

"Myeong-Hoon, I need to dis-infect your wound" I said as he pulled me onto the bed.

"I got this wound battling a Dragon in 1945, my friend Park Jimin came and helped me, and Haechan from NCT, and all of Stray kids and Exo and everyone" he told me meanwhile I was struggling to escape.

"Don't go!" He shouted at me in the highest tone I had ever heard him scream. I stopped pulling away.

"Why?" I asked meanwhile he pulled me so my head was next to his on the pillow.

"Don't fall in love with Jason" whispered Big Marvel, "Please please please don't" he begged with a tear running down his face.

"Are you crying?" I asked as he rubbed off the tear.

"Jason has a child... and a wife, that's why I kicked him away as soon as I found out he had been hitting on you"

Was this an excuse? Is this why Jason was working at the shops?

"Myeong-Hoon, are you serious?" I asked before noticing his eyes had closed and he was paralysed in a deep sleep.

Was it true? Did Jason have a wife?

I spent the night staring into Big Marvels stone cold face as he slept, unable to get a new bandage to help him, and unable to see if what he said was true.

Was it?

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