Obama: The Musical by SavvyLeFab
Obama: The Musicalby savvythesinner
What My Boredom Leads To
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Say "I hate you" (Completed-Under Major Editing) by Devilscrib
Say "I hate you" (Completed-Under...by Devilscrib
"Just say I Hate You and I'll leave you alone forever. But, can you?" --------------------------- Daniella has always been and will always be a bad girl. A bad...
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》 Parker Luck 《 by OhNoHetero
》 Parker Luck 《by Ritardando Ratusi
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Screaming Into The Void: Reviews By Draco by DracoNako
Screaming Into The Void: Reviews B...by Shisno
I read books. I write reviews. Inquire within... [Title credit to Poindexter. Cover by VictoriaRobinson64]
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Karma x Reader by -peiskos
Karma x Readerby dead :(
"Am I an assassin?" "Yeah" ©︎-peiskos 2016 Highest rank: #669 in Fanfiction // THIS BOOK IS SO CRINGY AND I HATE IT SO MUCH GO READ MY BETTER STUFFS...
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BFB but on crack by https-honei
BFB but on crackby tree fucker
A Crack Book About Walking Objects I Like Also, the characters in this story are going to be the same version as they are in my Groupchat Story.If you see someone acting...
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Got7 8th member by 2JAE_IS_REAL
Got7 8th memberby Cinnamonster
What if you were the girl group member of GOT7!!! This is my first FF. Thanks for clicking(or tapping)! Highest ranking in Random #14 Story idea belongs to me Picture an...
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The Jock Stole my Shirt Pocket ✔️ by esyoung
The Jock Stole my Shirt Pocket ✔️by esyoung
"No homo." His hot breath fanned my face as he pushed me against my locker. I blushed. Then, he kissed me and I didn't report him for sexual harassment because...
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This is my family| an overwatch x child!reader by Redrubygemstone
This is my family| an overwatch x...by Triggered Master
This is the story about (Y/N). She/He is a normal child with a not so normal family. Her/His family is the whole overwatch team. =SLOW UPDATES=
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My Husbando's x Reader Oneshots by Foxlin777
My Husbando's x Reader Oneshotsby Mrs. Kuchinashi
I have a Problem, Its a disease called Husbando Syndrome where you have to many Husbando's and the only way to fall asleep is with a body pillow and to think of lemons w...
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wdw smut  by nataliemariee_
wdw smut by Natalie
this is a mess but whateva #1 in pickles #532 in whyareyoureadingthis
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Todoroki x Reader: Light To Darkness  by Dragonheart3606
Todoroki x Reader: Light To Darkne...by Dragonheart 360
(Y/N) (L/N) never wanted to be born the way she was. She never wanted the power that she got. Her father was cruel and abusive, her mother snapped long ago, and her sibl...
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Obsession (Angels of Death Fanfiction) by animelover1992
Obsession (Angels of Death Fanfict...by GucciQueen
(Serial killer!Zack X Orphan!Ray)(Original AU) Living a life being treated as a monster, Zack gets shown a little slice of kindness by none other then our dear Ray. The...
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Fluff 'n' Smut by GraceThings
Fluff 'n' Smutby Grace & Things
What am I doing? Please help...xD Anyway, yes...this is a book full of basically oneshots. They will both be fluff, and smut...yes, you read that correctly. Smut. I hope...
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Bite him by Umbrella_birb
Bite himby Borb
Klance vampire au Edit: #206 in college #16 in whyamidoingthis #293 in Klance #492 in voltron #38 in Klangst As of 8/10/18 #46 in maybesmut As of 8/26/18 #24 in maybe...
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Spellbook (Paused) by Absolsforlife
Spellbook (Paused)by The Queen of the Absols
Spells I found online. None are mine, okay? Their spells are theirs, I'm just sharing them :3 Also: Vote and comment on which ones worked and which ones didn't. I'm tryi...
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Codename: Kirā Kitsune by boredartists
Codename: Kirā Kitsuneby Andy-san
What if Naruto was beaten by the villagers and ninja of Konoha in his early youth? What if Naruto was not as dim as he was made out to be? What if Naruto actually hated...
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Arttastic World 13 by Lartspoon
Arttastic World 13by heck
cheers ill drink to that, bro
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B l i z z a r d  [Kenny McCormick X Reader] by creekyfloor
B l i z z a r d [Kenny McCormick...by creekyfloor
You are the new girl in the town as every story I've seen so far goes and after a cat chase, Your life changes as you run into four boys and instantly join them on their...
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[🌸];Eddsworld Oneshots And Smutshots;[✨] by SpaghettiToasters
[🌸];Eddsworld Oneshots And Smutsh...by Pepto-Bismol daddy
🌸🌿☁️🌙☁️🌱🌸 [THIS BOOK HAS A LOT OF TOMTORD/TORDTOM SO IF THERE'S ANY PROBLEMS JUST LEAVE THANKS] 🌸🌿☁️🌙☁️🌱🌸 Hello there my friends ;0 Join me on my adventure as...
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