Meme Marvel

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We were back at the apartment.

An awkward tension flooded the air after my rejection to Jason earlier that day.

Big Marvel approched me, "I'M THE GLOBGLOKAPGLAGAB"

Is he ok?

And then he started saying something else in an Italian accent, "SOMEBODY TOUCHED MY SPAGHETTI"

I think he had lost it.


I stared at him in confusion, "Ok then"

"Oh, Oh, you no fun" he told me, "Be Meme"

"Me? Be me?" I asked wondering what he was talking about.

"MEME. M. E. M. E" He repeated this time so I understood.

I nodded my head as if I understood when I really didn't.

"I'm going to sing a song" Big Marvel said.

Was he drunk?

"Your so f****** precious when you..." he started singing, "Smileeeeeee"

I actually had no idea what he was saying because he was speaking in English.

"Do you like the country England?" He asked me after he had stopped singing.

"Yes. I like the landmarks and history--"

"BIG SHAQ IS BOSS!" He interupted me.

"Call me boss?" I asked still confused.

"2+2 is 4 - 1 that's 3 QUICK MATHS" He sang so loudly Big Shaq could proberly hear it himself.

I walked out of the room and into the kitchen to grab a drink and get away from my boss who seemed to be high on life.

The floor had lemonade spilt across it and so I grabbed the mop to clean it.

Meanwhile I was cleaning I wondered what Jason was doing as he was waiting in Big Marvels bedroom.

I felt bad about turning him down however I wasn't ready for a relationship.

At this point in time I was only young. I was in university and planning to be an astronaut. I didn't have enough time for a boyfriend as I just wanted to study.

But what happens if Jason hates me now?

What happens if we can't be friends?

What happens if he leaves Big Marvel?

I didn't even know why I was stressing so much but for some reason I was. But as I always tell myself, "The day will always end no matter what happens".

I confidently walked back out to Big Marvel after my chat to myself.

He was doing some sort of dance.

He had pushed his knees forward but kept his hips and shoulder is a diagonal line. He was stepping up and down on the spot meanwhile pointing his toes and making strange sounds.

'Dame Tu Cosita' was being repeated on his phone over and over as he was dancing along with a weird alien on the screen.

"Oi you! Put on fortnight dance challenge and press play on the camera" he commanded.

I did exactly was he said before collapsing on the sofa after a long emotionally-draining day.

Big Marvel started flossing to the timing of a cartoon character appearing on screen.

I knew what fortnight was... but a dance challenge?

After he had finished flossing he switched into a different move.

Both Big Marvel and a large muscular man were dancing to the robot.

Big Marvel wasn't the greatest of dancers but I was willing to cheer him on.

He carried on; one after another; doing different dances each time.

"And finished! Time to post!" He shouted joyfully.

"Wait, you're actually gonna post that?" I asked in shock after laughing heavily for the past 5 minutes.

"Of course. I have 3.7M subscribers to please" he responded.


What has society come to?

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