Theme Park Marvel

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Today me and Myeong-Hoon went to a theme park.

"I wanna ride that one!" I shouted as I pointed at the tallest one.

Big Marvel stared at me, "You iria! We never start with the biggest one!"

I coughed on my water as he indicated for us to start on the little fish child ride.

"Wheeeeeeeee" He shrieked in a high pitched voice meanwhile I sat their with a straight face.

We were the only adults on the ride as it repeated around in a circle for the 10th time before coming to a halt.

"Wow! That was fun" exclaimed Big Marvel as he shouted with joy, raising his hands as if he had defeated the scariest beast.

"Oh wow! A frog! I will win it for you" squealed Big Marvel as he ran forward to a fair ground ride.

Do I want a frog?

The aim of the game was to hit a hammer onto a small seesaw which held a toy frog at the other end. You had to try and land the frog on one of the lily pads which was circling around.

After a couple of attempts Big Marvel landed a frog on a red lily pad.

"Do I get a frog?" Asked Big Marvel to the man running the game.

He shaked his head before turning around and pulling out Big Marvels actual prize - a squeaky chicken.

"A cHHicKeEnnN!?" Shrieked Big Marvel as he received the toy.

"Nah man, you can keep that" I said as I pushed away his offering.

Big Marvel began to run to another ride. It was a spinny ride.

"Can't we go on a roller coaster? I am not good at these kind of rides" I requested.

"Just this one" he said as he stood in the line.

When he got on he sat by himself, the ride started spinning faster and faster causing him to slide along the chairs. I laughed at his frightened face as he failed to hold on to the safety bars.

The ride started tipping up and down while it spun. You could hear Big Marvels screams above everyone else's as he fell of his chair and barely held on. He managed to get back into his seat before speaking to the person next to him, "Be careful man!" The boy suddenly flung of his chair and landed on the floor as Big Marvel let out a loud laugh.

When Big Marvel returned from the ride his hair was stuck up and he looked generally uncomfortable. "Just one more thing I want to do" He said as he held up a finger.

We entered a shop covered in balloons. Big Marvel paid the lady as he was given darts. He made of total of 7 balloons pop meaning he won a toy. He picked a big stuffed toy and gave it to me.

"Thank you, I shall call it Marvel" I said trying to look cute so he would notice me.

He patted my head meanwhile exiting the building, "No no call it chi"


"Because your second name is Kim and so it's full name will be KimChi"

After this we finally made it to a roller coaster. Its name was Stealth and it had a 90 degree drop at 80mph speeds. I was so excited.

"Maybe not" Stated Big Marvel.

"Maybe yes" I replied, pulling him into the line as I spoke.

We waited in line for an hour, with an hour to go.

"The lines for my rides were short, these are not short!" Big Marvel complained.

"Because" I began, "These rides are actually good and so lots of people want to go on them"

"Yo!" He looked at me, "I won Chi for you so don't complain!"

He sat down on the floor and passed me his water bottle. "Pour this on me"

"Its 10 degrees! It's almost snowing!" I warned him as I removed the cap cautiously.

"Do it" he commanded.

I poured the water all over his head. The people around stepped away.

"You are scaring people" I giggled.

"That's not me, it's you"

I laughed before he stood up and shaked his wet hair all over me.

"You are so ugly, they are running away" he joked.

"Why did you date someone you think is ugly?" I asked as I wiped the water of my face.

"Because I am ugly too" he laughed.

"You were ugly with blond hair" I messed with him.

He then slapped himself before I started laughing again.

"I need to feed Parker" I added as I checked the time.

"Who's Parker?" Asked Big Marvel oblivious to what we were saying.

"Your dog!" I shouted at him before he came back into reality.

"Can I shave him for one of my videos?" He asked.

I punched him, "most definitely not!"

After another hour of complaining we finally reached the front of the line.

"I am nervous" Big Marvel stated fearfully.

He began to nervously bird call, "SwArKKK"

I slapped him as people started to stare.

"How dare you!" He then slapped himself.

"Ok you can enter the ride now" pointed out the staff member opening the gate.

We managed to get front seats.

After we had sat down, large seatbelt were pushed over our bodies.

"This is stupid" Big Marvel muttered making me laugh a little bit.

"Please remain seated at all times. Don't put your hands and feet outside of the coaster at all time. Keep your head back and hold on tight" Explained a man over the speaker.

The countdown then began, "3...2...1..."

"ESK GET IT" yelled Big Marvel as the ride began.

"GO" shouted the speaker man.

"AHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Big Marvel as we began shooting up to the tall lengths of the ride. He clenched onto my hand in fear as the ride slowed down at the top before dropping at large altitudes before hitting the bottom and diverting to the exit.

"That wasn't too bad was it Big Marvel?" I said worried about the marks in my hand from how tightly he was holding on.

He was shaking after we exited the ride. His hair was all messed up and his face was pale.

He turned away because he didn't want me to see him in such a state.

I waited a moment before giving him the largest back hug I had ever given. My arms wrapped around his torso and connecting at his chest. "Well done and thank you"

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