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We were all (well, both of us) surrounding the little boy once we had arrived back at our apartment.

He had a slender body, long legs, and was tall. He has a sharp jawline and large eyes, which complimented his tidy hair.

He wore a hospital gown, pale blue, paired with vans, dirty white. I could see he had pulled of his hospital band as there were red scratches bleeding around his wrist.

"So, Bambam," I began trying to start a conversation, "Where are your parents?"

Instant regret. I knew his parents were dead, why did I even ask that!? I am so stupid!

He looked down into his arms before letting out a silent gasp, "They are at my house"

Me and Myung-Hoon looked at each-other and sighed.

"Why were you at the hospital?" Myung-Hoon asked testing to see if he would lie once again.

He looked up sharply, "Because I broke my leg falling of my bike"

I couldn't tell if he was denying it or he had been told different after he woke up from the coma.

"Do you want us to take you to your parents house then?" I asked to see his response, knowing his parents are dead.

He started fake coughing, "Cough-No-Cough-I think-Cough-I am ill"

I sighed again but Big Marvel fell for it as he was so gullible. "Oh no! BamBam, it's ok, I will get you some medicine!"

He ran off meanwhile I remained with him, "Can I call your parents?"

He took a second to reply, "Erm-I don't have my phone on me so I don't know their number"

I was quick to reply, "I will have to call the hospital then-"

"NO!" He Shouted before gasping, "The doctors said that they didn't have my parents numbers because they don't like them"

"What?" I laughed slightly at his funny response.

"I am now old because I am 7 so they didn't need my parents number" he quickly changed his reasoning.

"Ooh ok" I said playing along with his idea.

Big Marvel shot back into the room, "BAMBAM I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU"

BamBam began to fake cough again before Myung-Hoon fed him some medicine.


My phone spasmed as it was reporting a face time call from Taehyung. I accepted immediately as Taehyung and Nina, from school, appeared on screen.

"Are you guys close friends now?" I asked.

They giggled, "You could call us that"

BamBam started crying in the background.

Taehyung looked shocked, "I know you and Myung-Hoon are close, but is a baby this fast necessary?"

"-nonononono we found a kid in the woods" I interrupted before he got any ideas.

"Is he a vampire?" Asked Taehyung with wide eyes.

"No!" Big Marvel Shouted, "He is holding a silver spoon!"

"Were-wolves can't touch silver you idiot, we are talking about vampires" I groaned, "And no, he is not a vampire"

"So are you kidnapping him?" Nina asked.

It looked like they were at a café and so I didn't want to shout so I whisper shouted, "No, we are not-"

"-We are adopting him!" Myung-Hoon Shouted.

Nina started doing some cringe aegyo meanwhile Taehyung box smiled.

"No we are not Myung-Hoon" I began, "I get you have this Internet personality going on here but right now we have a serious situation. Use your brain for once! Maybe one day it will come in useful!"

He looked down upset.

"So are you going to Heechul's party this weekend?" Asked Taehyung changing the subject.

I looked at my calendar, "I don't think I have been invited"

"I will invite you then! Come as my guest, meet me outside of his house and I will let you in" stated Taehyung.

I paused for a moment, "Really?"

"Yes it will be fine!"

I was excited. I had never been to such a big event! I will buy a fancy dress and bring the best present! - oh but me account has been frozen after my fight with my parents. I have been saving money for college, maybe that will come in useful?

"Are you coming Myung-Hoon?" Asked Nina encouragingly.

He looked up, still upset about my rude comment. "Maybe"

Hi guys! Sorry for the short chapter and the long wait. I have officially restarted school and therefore I have had a lot of stress. I was also brain dead for this chapter so I have no ideas. Now I have an idea and the next chapter is going to be a longggggg one so look out! But first some questions:

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