Final Marvel

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(This is a little baby final chapter because I am stuck on ideas)

"BamBam we are here!" I cheered as we arrived at our neoteric house.

After the adoption of BamBam and the marriage of me and Myung-Hoon, we decided it was only right to move out of Big Marvels apartment and into a house.

BamBam sprinted along the rock path up until he slipped into the door, recovering quickly.

"Calm down, BamBam" I exclaimed before he broke something.

Big Marvel appeared behind me and began strolling towards BamBam and the house, "He is excited. Let him have some fun"

The house was immeasurable and was filled with decorative ornaments from across the world and was accompanied with an aqua blue pool in the back garden. Our house towered over the other ones in the surrounding streets and was paired with sky scraping trees with fresh flourishing leaves creating a strict bitter taste in the air. The wind was calmly creeping around my body, through my finger tips and following the maze of my hair.

We entered the house, grateful to find our belongings already set out across the rooms.

"Ok BamBam take of your shoes and lets go and see your room!" I told him resulting in him revealing a giant smile before removing his shoes.

Big Marvel relocated into the living room where he sat down and let out a sigh of happiness.

"Myung-Hoon you cant be tired already?" I comforted him.

He huffed and grabbed my hand, "Im not tired. I am just so happy I don't know how to express it"

"Go and film a video or something and let out your excitement. Didn't your $1000 paintbrush come in the mail yesterday?" I asked as I let go of his hand and sat down on another chair.

He nodded, "But I am too lazy to do that."

Rapidly, our puppy (now not a puppy) ran in panting repeatedly and sniffing everything.

"Parker, come here" I called him. He leaped over to me and let me rub his belly, "Oo you like that don't you?" He wagged his tail.

"Mummy" asked BamBam entering the room, "My room is amazing!!!"

"Are you able to reach your bed? Your not very big" questioned Big Marvel.

BamBam turned around to look at Big Marvel, "How do you know I'm not big?"

"Ok guys stop arguing. BamBam, go and get changed into something more comfortable" I commanded.

BamBam ran off with a thrill in his step.

Big Marvel began laughing to him self. "I know, he's funny isn't he?" I told him beginning to laugh my self.

"No its not that" Big Marvel grinned, "I was laughing at how much you were made to be a mum"

That statement made me smile.

"MEOWWWW" sounded a very familiar voice.

Me and Big Marvel turned towards the door starting the house where 3 close friends adventured in: leader Taehyung; follower Xuimin, and the 3rd wheeler Taeyong.

"Who just meowed?" I asked as the 3 boys removed their footwear.

Of course I got a immediate response from Taehyung, "It was me!!" - Of course it was.

"Welcome to my house!" Big Marvel shouted as they walked into the living room.

"OUR house" I corrected him.

Xuimin laughed, "At least you don't have to be neighbours with that Himari anymore"

He has a good point.

Taeyong was staring at me. "Erm, Y/N why are you so pale today?"

I questioned his query before walking over to the mirror where I discovered an almost skull like version of me. Just looking at myself I began feeling nauseous.

"Are you ok?" asked Xuimin.

I began feeling pressure around my abdominals and throughout my stomach. The acids were building up precipitately leading to the downfall of my health status.

I sprinted to the bathroom holding vomit in my mouth before releasing it into the sink.

It couldn't be-

I took out the test. The test I had have saved since I met Big Marvel. I did the deed and left it to rest for 10 minutes. Upon my return I witnessed the unexpected... 2 lines. It was positive

~ The End

WOW, what a ride this book has been. When I began writing them I never expected the feedback I received. I am overwhelmed and very grateful. I am aware that book 2 wont do as well as people would have needed to finish this book first, but I really hope that if you are reading this then you will continue supporting my future work. I am always open for ideas and it makes my sooooo happy when people send me fan mail, or like even a little sentence of appreciation. I put all of my brain power into this book to make all of you happy :)


In this continuation of Call Me Boss, you and your new family have moved into your new house and expecting your first biological child. BamBam will begin school, you will be visited by your sister and her boyfriend, Big Marvel will focus on music, and you will begin your career as an astronaut. Expect lots of babies, music videos, rivalries and family... and the growth of Big Marvel as president?

Thankyou so much for your time and pacients,

its really hard letting this book go.

To a great future... signed, The0ry_ and the Big Marvel family.

Started (19/08/18)

Finished (27/01/19)



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