PERFECT│s.m by ohhboi
PERFECT│s.mby stimpy™
she's best friends with freya nightingale and the sister of joshua bradley, also being the ex girlfriend simon minter is still madly in love with. the feeling may be mut...
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Hello ↟ dan howell x reader by sadmilk_
Hello ↟ dan howell x readerby sykes
"I'd rather spend the rest of my life arguing with you than fall in love with someone else." - x. WARNING: contains smut, strong language, and probably some ot...
  • love
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Baby Gilinsky // Jack Gilinsky by Johnson_IXVI
Baby Gilinsky // Jack Gilinskyby KWEEN LIAH
Emmiey Oliver and Jack Gilinsky broke up when Emmiey found out she was pregnant with Jack's child. Fast forward six years to when Jack and Emmiey meet again. Will Jack a...
  • future
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Daddy's Princess (Darkiplier x Reader) by keenequeen
Daddy's Princess (Darkiplier x keenequeen
"What are you going to do to me?" You asked as you shakily backed yourself up into the wall behind you. "I think a better question would be: what am I not...
  • darkiplierkinks
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Dolan Twins Imagines by freakingdolan
Dolan Twins Imaginesby queen dolan
it says it all in the title ❥ lowercase is intended highest ranking: #23 in fanfiction + #1 in imagines
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They Bought Me by barbequegarden
They Bought Meby askingphan
"Seventeen year old. Female. Virgin. Black hair. American. Who would like to start the bidding at $500,000?" That's only the beginning.
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The Nerds A Gangleader  by Pineapple_love3
The Nerds A Gangleader by Tweety
Hope P.O.V. "Leave my kids alone and give them back NOW Ray," I command. "Who might this be, a sassy teen? Sorry but I do not have time for foolish games...
  • badboy
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c l i c k b a i t ;   david dobrik ✓   by tomsobrien
c l i c k b a i t ; david daisy
❝ baby, that's going to be some good ass clickbait ❞ she wasn't sure it would make a good story...
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Filthy [Antisepticeye X Reader] by keenequeen
Filthy [Antisepticeye X Reader]by keenequeen
(Y/N) stumbles out of a bar one night to be greeted with a smooth talking Irishman. Little did she know he would be her worst nightmare. HIGHEST RANK: #5 in tag "yo...
  • evil
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 D̵̩̓̄͗̈À̶͇R̴̥̹̭̖͉̯͎̄̓̈́̐̉Ķ̴͙̲͊̓̀͠ͅ X Reader | ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴍɪss ᴍᴇ? by Horroryas
D̵̩̓̄͗̈À̶͇R̴̥̹̭̖͉̯͎̄̓̈́̐̉K̴͙̲͊̓̀͠ Candy
(Reviewers of this book said that this book is scary.... what's your opinion?) (IMPORTANT - READ THE WARNING) You live a normal life... just like you do now... until you...
  • darkiplier
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Playing with Fire // Daniel Howell x reader by haileysnothere
Playing with Fire // Daniel 🌙 Hailey🌙
Once you've turned 19, you're more than happy to get a chance to restart. You move to London to leave your old life behind, and work harder on your YouTube career. Howev...
  • bestdanhowellimagines
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Dolan Twins Imagines by dolanzthough
Dolan Twins Imaginesby Daddy Dolan
Constant updates, requests always open:)
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FANBOY;AU [JiKook] by jikooktrash_help
FANBOY;AU [JiKook]by ⍀1997x1995⌿
Jungkook is famous gamer, who just reached 1M subscribers. Jimin is his biggest fan, who supports him as much as he can, and has crush on him. What happens to Jimin's...
  • celebrity
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Instagram × Felix | Stray Kids by DarkFluffyChangbin
Instagram × Felix | Stray Kidsby I love my Noodle
Instagram is a nice place to meet people, especially people who like the same things as you, or are in the same fandom as you. But how do you know, if the person behin...
  • straykids
  • minho
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TFIL/The House Imagines & Preferences (Request Open) by It_Be_Me24
TFIL/The House Imagines & Itz_Cookie😛
Title says all!!! Taking request!! ??
  • coreyschere
  • aarondoh
  • tfil
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Dolan Twins Imagines by -userisunknown-
Dolan Twins Imaginesby -userisunknown-
It says it all in the title + Comment or message me for suggestion
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blurry face - phan by phanci
blurry face - phanby :phanci
" my name's blurry face and I care what you think. " Dan Howell has an unknown condition where he cannot see faces - no matter what he wears or does - they ar...
  • phillester
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imagines; e.d by egrantlova
imagines; e.dby lyzzle♡
imagines//ethan dolan//lowercase intended//150k♡
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  • ethandolan
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instagram | shawn mendes  by heartfeltmendes
instagram | shawn mendes by ya girl
@shawnmendes started following you. In which ways a simple follow leads to an eventful rollercoaster of emotions. - shawn mendes - a Instagram based story. - All Rights...
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vlog squad preferences by guccidobrik
vlog squad preferencesby cynthia
vlog squad preferences and imagines includes: +david dobrik +scotty sire +toddy smith +alex ernst
  • sire
  • alexernst
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