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Zalfie one shots by acupofzalfie
Zalfie one shotsby acupofzalfie
zalfie one shots lololol contains smut
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Plane Journeys {A Joe Sugg Fan Fiction} by Jessy-Sugg
Plane Journeys {A Joe Sugg Fan Joe Sugg Fan Fiction
What would you say if I told you one plane journey could change your life for the better and the worse ? Jessica (a graduating student from Stockland Six Form) wants t...
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Carefree (TheCampingRusher ff) by futuograser
Carefree (TheCampingRusher ff)by abbey ツ
((PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL BE A *SLOW UPDATED STORY*)) ------------------------------------------------------ Usually it's the bad boy falls in love with the innocent girl...
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YouTube One-Shots by BubblyAngelMelody
YouTube One-Shotsby c
Admit it guys, we all watch YouTube 24/7. And we don't just watch funny cat videos anymore. We watch real YouTubers. And most of them are pretty hot. So it's not a surpr...
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Why Me? A Joey Graceffa Fanfic by eeyore101247
Why Me? A Joey Graceffa Fanficby LoLo
When Lauren Beauchamp, Sawyer's cousin, moves in with him, she doesn't know what her future holds. But her stay at Sawyer's starts with an annoying suprise.
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Fnaf,Minecraft,and Youtubers crossover by DeathDeamon1
Fnaf,Minecraft,and Youtubers DeathDeamon1
This is all going to be about sex so if you are 17 or under DO NOT READ.You Were Warned!!!
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if I choose (jennxpenn, thats0jack, jc caylen) by paigeyxcaylen
if I choose (jennxpenn, paigeyxcaylen
there is a girl called jenn mcallister, she's makes YouTube videos and is over 1 million subs, as 2014 finishes and 2015 is now here, she meets 2 boys at the new year pa...
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Fear Is My Lover *featuring Eugenia Cooney* by EvilSerenityGirl
Fear Is My Lover *featuring Laila (KittyKat)
Clarity Crimson is not a popular girl or person she has just made it from high school and ready to start her career; but when she starts to get letters in her mail from...
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brainstorm //another phan// by amazingwhut
brainstorm //another phan//by VERONICA
swiggity sway- wait, they're still gay? sequal to "Shit Storm"
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Youtuber Imagines/ Preferences by niallslittlesub
Youtuber Imagines/ Preferencesby annie
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Through The Land Of The Dead | Youtubers fanfic by KepatsjaSophi
Through The Land Of The Dead | Sophi & Kepatsja
It's been 20 years since the world went to ruins. Civilization as we knew it had crumbled leaving only the strongest alive. Arvid City, at one time it was one of the st...
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Attack On Joey Graceffa- One Shot by Scrubquaza_Cartona
Attack On Joey Graceffa- One Shotby Hunter
What happens when Joey is abducted by Aliens, find out in Attack On JoeyGraceffa
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So Crazy (sequel to Insanely Insane) by Becca_Fanficxx
So Crazy (sequel to Insanely Becca ♡
The main priorities of a normal 16 year old Girl in London. What could they be? College, the future and life. Not for Lucy Reynolds. Try, being famous because of who? Br...
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markiplier smut and images by kissyplier
markiplier smut and imagesby unidentified flying depression
read the title lol
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To Ashes (Joey Graceffa Short Story.) Book:1 by ScreenageDirtbag
To Ashes (Joey Graceffa Short Court
Ashland, Abused and Mistreated. A Girl unable to love. Joey, A boy willing to help. Welcome to a world that's burning To Ashes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this st...
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Dan and Phil One Shots by john_go_to_gallifrey
Dan and Phil One Shotsby john_go_to_gallifrey
Just little stories with Dan Howell (@danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (@AmazingPhil) Warning: There are feels. Read at your own risk. Feel free to comment requests!
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Too Young // Caspar Lee by keke-starcke
Too Young // Caspar Leeby Janneke
Elle has been best friends with YouTube beauty guru Zoella since childhood and never found real love. This all changes after she meets Zoe's friends at dinner, which inc...
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Fandom Imagines/One-Shots by SuperBarnes
Fandom Imagines/One-Shotsby SuperBarnes
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Cold Coffee (Phan one-shot) by HeavyRubberSoul
Cold Coffee (Phan one-shot)by B̶l̶u̶r̶r̶y̶f̶a̶c̶e̶
~It's getting cold. Dan is getting depressed. Phil wants to make him feel better.~ ****Trigger warning for depression, sad thoughts, loss, etc.**** ****Swearing**** Rate...
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