Canada Marvel

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"Let me get you a juice box" Big Marvel asked as he limped off on his crutches.

We were sitting in the hospital food hall surrounded by other members of the ill. It had been roughly a week since the accident and my bruises had healed however both of our major wounds were still curing. I had recently relearned the name of the boy who I apparently was dating and the whole story of our crash, but everything before was still a blur.

"Here you go" Big Marvel slammed the juice box on the table with excitement and gave me a peck on the cheek.

He took his position opposite me and smiled, lighting up the room with his blinding teeth.

"We get to leave the hospital tomorrow" Big Marvel told me. "My viewers are going to be wondering where I am"

He placed his hand over mine and held it tightly, "Bet they have missed you as well"

"What's Youtube?" I asked dazed by the term.

Big Marvel giggled before pulling out what I had previously learnt was a phone. He pressed some buttons which resulted with a white dashboard with red text and pictures. As he scrolled down, the range of pictures continued into an never ending infinity.

"I post videos of me on here. I have over 4M viewers" he played a video of him singing forever young with a young woman in a red dress.

"Is that me?" I asked wondering if I had entered any of his videos.

"Erm-Well-No- That's my friend- I mean neighbour- Himari" he mumbled before playing a video sitting in the recommendations. 

'My House Tour'

"You filmed this one though" he confirmed. I nodded and smiled.

"Excuse but have you seen a young lady with brown hair about 5"6 who was in a car accident early last week?" Panted a man who I had just noticed to run into the hospital and directly to the help desk. "Please help me find her" begged the man who was bothering the poor staff at the counter.

The lady at the desk looked on her computer before asking for his name and relation to the person he was searching for.

"Em-" he was trying to catch his breath, "My name is - Park Hyung Seok and well - I guess - she's my - She's my ex"

The lady did a few searches on her device before giving him a post-it note with a room on it, she also told him a clue, "I think the person you are looking for is closer then you think"

He pouted at the sudden statement. As he strolled along the hall he searched around the room trying to figure out what she meant.

He had a tall, muscular build and dark brown hair. His ears were pierced and light makeup was applied. To me, he seemed stylish and he had perfect skin.

As he spun around he stopped when we stared eye to eye. His deep brown eyes widened and glared at me from head to toe in advance of running towards me.

"Is it really you?" He asked as he held my shoulder.

Big Marvel got up and brushed his hand of my shoulder aggressively, "Sorry, but who are you?"

He bowed before introducing himself, "Hello, I am Park Hyung Seok, 'Canada' and me used to date"

Who's Canada?

Big Marvel looked at me before responding, "One: Who's Canada? Two: Where do you come from? Three: You used to date?"

Hyung Seok pulled out a chair next to my own and politely sat down ushering Big Marvel to do the same. "You have lost your memory, haven't you? Your mum told me"

Big Marvel pushed himself back in his seat and froze with a shocked expression, "Mum? You have met her parents!?"

Hyung Seok spoke, "Her nickname is Canada because she was born there. I moved to Canada when I was five and we met in middle school before our parents automatically became close friends. That's where she met Xuimin and Taehyung as well. After years passed we started dating from when we were 12 until when we were 16 however we broke up because I had to move back to Korea for my modelling dream. Fortunately, later I found out that her, Tae and Xuimin would all move to Korea as well to go to university. I was so happy to see you again but I just haven't had the time as we are both equally as busy. Obviously as soon I as heard you were in trouble, I dropped everything to come here. I have always hoped we could get back together." He flirtatiously smiled at me.

I was born in Canada?

"She was born in Canada?" Big Marvel questioned as Hyung Seok nodded.

"But you said you didn't know English" he directed at me. I shrugged my shoulders.

Hyung Seok was getting uncomfortably closer to me just before Big Marvel snapped, "Excuse me, but she is MY girlfriend, not yours, and no one else's. I don't care if you have history or if you dated in the past because she dating ME now, not you! I love her 10x as much as you could ever love her!"

Big Marvel grabbed my hand and stormed back to our room leaving a handsome man standing anxiously waiting to be rediscovered.

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