Wedding Marvel

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Me and Myeong-Hoon decided to arrive to the event as partners. He wore a plain black suit meanwhile I styled a basic royal blue tight dress.

The hall towered with brightly decorated balloons; sheets of white scaled the historical building and a giant chandelier dominated the surrounding space. Rows of seats one behind another, leaving a gap along the middle which was decorated with pale flowers and petals.

"Big Marvel!" Shouted a familiar face from across the room. Two men barreled towards us and bowed politely.

"Hello Taehyung and Xuimin" greeted Big Marvel.

"Have you seen Exo? They have come to support Sehun and they look even better in real life!" Yelled Xuimin as he jumped around.

"Exo? Where!?" I asked as I got excited.

Myeong-Hoon looked at me disappointed, "They have come for Sehun, not to meet you"

I frowned as I continued to search for them.

A few hours later the ceremony began.

Himari elegantly carried herself down the endless isle in a beautifully hand stitched white ball gown styled with extravagant jewelry and tall shoes.

Waiting patiently with a glum face at Himari's destination was Sehun, fitted in a midnight black slick suit and tie along with polished shoes and pulled back hair.

Himari reached for Sehun's hand at the end however he growled and made her walk up herself.

"I promise" Himari began, "To always love Sehun - and his money and fame - until the day I die. I will always steal his sponsors and treat him with respect, if he gives me nice things"

"I promise" Sehun responded, "To always love and care for Himari even if she is selfish and self-absorbed"

Himari glared at him before he smirked back.

"Does anyone have an objections?"

I really wanted to put my hand up to save Sehun from the pain he was putting himself in but Myeong-Hoon stopped me.

Silence. Silence across the hall.

Himari smiled and looked back at Sehun. The church pastor began speaking once again "I now announce you —"

"I object" Sehun announced.

Himari looked at him with deafening eyes as the hall fell to relief.

"What? You can't object" Himari stated.

"Yes I can" Sehun turned to us, "Everyone take back the presents"

Everyone jumped up and returned their gifts from the long table at the back.

Loud cheers fired throughout the hall however Himari was burning with anger. You could almost see the acid fueling within her.

She scampered to the back of the hall, tripping over her dress several times in the process. She swiped her expensive presents away from us, "No! These are mine!"

Himari's parents were even laughing.

I approached Himari who was now crying, "I am sorry Himari but this is not the way to treat people. Sehun is not an object that is just used for money, he has emotions. Money isn't everything"

She glared at me before dropping the presents and leaving the church.

Each guest made their way to the party where food was perfectly laid across the table. Chairs surrounded a large dance floor with white dangling lights shining above it.

"Will Himari be ok if we use all this?"

Sehun sniggered, "She didn't pay for any of it anyway"

I picked up a burger but quickly spat it out as I saw who was approaching. Exo.

"Hi Sehun! That was really brave" Said a familiar voice, Chanyeol.

Sehun smiled at Chanyeol before helping me process the burger I had just choked on.

Baekhyun laughed at me. "Who's this?"

After I had finished digesting my food I stood up straight as Sehun presented me to the members, "This is Himari's neighbour and she is also dating her ex-crush"

Suddenly a drunk Marvel stumbled over to us and crashed into Suho.

"YOLO!" He Shouted before falling into my arms.

"This is Himari's ex-crush" Explained Sehun to Exo.

"So you know I made up that story last time when I was battling a dragon in 1945 with my good friends Park Jimin, Stray Kids and Haechan?" Recalled Big Marvel.

"Unfortunately, yes"

"Well I finished the story" Myeong-Hoon began, "So Felix goes in to fight the dragon and dabs with his weapon like this" he then dabbed.

Chen looked extremely confused at what was happening.

"And Haechan is there like 'Even I could do a better dab then that' but then the dragon dabs and does a better dab then Haechan. Haechan gets mad and then..."

"The dragon and Haechan should fall in love!" Exclaimed Kai.

"No! The dragon and Felix should fall in love!" Interrupted D.O.

"Eh hem" Big Marvel fake coughed to grab back the attention, "Felix and Haechan fall in love!"

Later that night we all danced and did karaoke, the food was devoured and the cake was cut. It was all going perfect until...

My parents appeared.

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