Neighbour Marvel

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Finally we had landed back in Korea, unpacked our bags, and eaten lunch. Finally.

I went and collapsed onto Big Marvels bed with a sigh of relief as he set up his camera to film a video.

As we had finally had settled back down in Korea we heard a loud noise echoing through the walls of my bosses apartment, "OMG SAME I LOVE HIM LOTS HES LIKE MY SOUL MATE"

I sat up on the bed and walked over to the wall where Big Marvel was also looking. The shouting continued getting louder and louder each second.

"If it's really bothering you that much, go and tell her that we are not ok with the noise" Big Marvel suggested as he continued to blow up the large balloon he was holding in his hands. I hesitated, looked around, and confirmed my decision.

I stormed out into the corridor and slammed my hand onto the door in a rage, the noise inside still going. I could now hear it was a girl, around 25 and she kept on changing from the Korean to Japanese language.

The door quickly opened to reveal a tall, slim woman with large brown eyes and pale skin. Her mid-length light brown hair was pushed across to one side and she wore minimum makeup.

I stumbled as I glared at her beauty meanwhile I was stood with my lose jacket and converse shoes. "Erm... You—You—We need quiet"

After I said that I realised I sounded quite rude and bowed. She bowed in return and ended her phone call.

We stared at each other in confusion for about 30 seconds before she completely changed her personality and shouted, "Oh wow! Aren't you cute? Sorry honey I'm new here - I just moved from Japan! Are you my neighbour?"

I didn't want to say no so I just nodded and pretended I lived with Big Marvel.

"Oh gosh, do you live with that hot boy next door?" She paused and blushed, "Oh wait darling, he's not your boyfriend is he?"

Did she like Big Marvel?

But are we more then friends? We kissed? That does mean something, right? No - It can't.

"Erm he isn't" I replied and looked down.

"Fabulous! Can you maybe set me up with him? He's Big Marvel from YouTube isn't he?" She asked as I once again nodded.

She clapped in excitement and showed her perfectly straight, white teeth as she did so. She reached into her posh leather prada bag and pulled out her IPhone X.

"Ok deary, I heard Big Marvel is 24! I'm 23 and so we are close together meaning we can date! Can you give me his number?" She asked as she passed her phone to me.

It was true, Big Marvel was 24 and her age was a lot closer then mine which was 19 however age is just a number, right? She also was a lot prettier and so Big Marvel will probably like her more. I debated and resulted in giving her Big Marvels number.

She smiled once again and patted me on the head. Is this lady ok? Are all the Japanese like this?

"Oh by the way my name is Himari! My dad is rich!" She told me as she placed our her hand out to shake mine. I noticed her diamond encrusted ring and gold watch and refused to touch them as I shook her hand.

Have I just met a new rival?

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