New Boy Group Marvel

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I was in my way to Big Marvels once again.

My school exams were approching and I had to revise and so I brought my books, hoping to be aloud to revise.

I rang to door bell to the apartment and to my suprise a random boy answered the door. He was wearing chains and expensive clothes.

"Sorry, Big Marvel only wants boys" he said.

I pushed passed him, " Well hes still paying me so"

As I walked in I noticed that the door boy wasn't the only one in the cramped apartment. Lines of boys around my age were snaking throughout the plain rooms.

I followed one of the lines to the front where I found my boss behind a table with Jason and Big Sky. The boys looked like they were auditioning for something.

"You! Come here and sit next to Jason" shouted Big Marvel, interupting the current boy auditoning.

I quickly sat down and gave a smile to Jason. The boy carried on singing and dancing. He was actually quite good.

"Very good. Very good." Muttered Big Mavrel, "What do you think?"

We went across the line. Big Sky gave some congratulations and Jason gave some constructive critism.

"That was very good"

"You need to keep balance"

I giggled once he said that because of an Exo inside joke.

Meanwhile I was laughing everyone in the room turned to me to get my opinion on the boy. Once I had snapped back into relaity i replied, "Erm-well-good-well-yes-good-really good"

He bowed and walked out of the crowded area to leave room for the next boy to walk forward.

This boy I knew. He went to my uni.

"Your name is Jinyoung?" Asked Big Marvel reading of his sheet, "and you are 19?"

Jinyoung nodded twice.

Park Jinyoung majored in biology and was only a few days older then me. He also played football and had an American girlfriend.

I'm not sure Jinyoung Oppa had noticed me but he started dancing anyways.

He did a quick hiphop routine to a BIGBANG song - which scored extra points from me just because of the song.

After the performance Big Marvel nodded in enjoyment. We all gave our advice however I just gave him positive feedback. After he had left I realised I would have to do this at least 100 more times. I didn't even know what this was for.


"Ok. All done. Who do we put through?" Questioned Big Marvel looking at their photos.

"Hold up! Put though?" I asked confused.

"Oh your so silly! We are doing auditions for Big Marvels boy group" Explained Jason tapping my head.

"Boy Group?" I said as I tilted my head.

Big Marvel replied this time, "Doing this on my own is boring. Don't you watch my videos?"

I shook my head.

"That's your homework"

We spent the next 15 minutes sorting through the auditions.

We remained with 6 boys from 18-22, in which included Jinyoung.

"Contact them" Big Marvel demanded me to do.

"Ok, Big Marvel" I responded.

"Call me Myeong-hoon" Big Marvel responded. I then realised I didn't even know his name.

I wanted to try something... "Goodbye Myeong-hoon oppa"

He looked at me in shock before pulling a slight smile. I smiled back and walked off.

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