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"Ok so which one of these handsome men is this boyfriend you keep on messaging about?" asked my mum continuing to repeatively run her eyes across the members of Exo.

I pushed her head towards the ground and pointed at the drunk Marvel on the floor.

She snarled.

"Stop joking around" she laughed.

Big Marvel was lying around my feet covered in juice meanwhile drinking red wine out of a pint glass. I pulled him up onto his feet for my mum to see, he immediately slouched over.

"I am not joking mum. This is Myeong-Hoon, my boyfriend" I explained.

As my mum was examining her potential future son-in-law with a discusted snear, my dad inturupted, "Dont worry honey, he might not look as handsome as me but i am sure he has an amazing family. What do your parents do?"

Big Marvel looked up at them, "They own a takeaway"

"Yeah but" I started to explain, "He, himself is very famous for his job and he even brought a posh car yesterday!"

"What do you do for a job, dear?" asked my mother as she rattled her navy blue prada bag against her long mermaid Lichen dress which was complimented by a gucci belt and large hoop ear rings.

"I squeak a chicken to the beat of kpop songs" Big Marvel stated as my mums face frowned with disappointment and my dad just stood frozen, appalled.

Exo saw my mums roar of anger scorching within her before the rage even began to suceed in reaching the surface, they edged away slowly leaving me and Big Marvel to remain.

"Honey" said my mother as she placed her hand on my face and pushed back the hair that had fallen from behind my ear, "I found a nice boy when travelling through Germany the other day - rich, smart, handsome - I got his number, I could set you up"


"We only want the best for you, dear" snapped my dad, obviously getting anxious.

I glared at them. "Why can't you except Myeong-Hoon?"

"Yeah bruh!" Shouted Big Marvel, still drinking, "I have 539 million views on youtube!"

"Well we have 539 million DOLLARS" spat my mum.

My dad grabbed my hand, "He will never be a son of mine"

My family ran, tailing one another.

"Mum! Dad! Stop!" I demanded.

"Stop you evil little otters!" stuttered Big Marvel as he stumbled behind us with his bottle of champagne.

They continued running.

Big Marvel tripped on the pavement and my dress ripped dramatically from running.

You know what - "Mum, Dad, Stop!" They stopped and groaned at my raised voice, "Money is not EVERYTHING! What can money get you? Yes, of course you can buy nice cars and houses but it can not earn you happiness. Wealth is not about who has the nicest chandelier, Wealth is a term to describe how hard you have worked. I am wealthy in friends, I am wealthy in education, I am wealthy in good health, I am wealthy in happiness. I am NOT wealthy in parents!"

"What--" murmered my mum in shock.

"I do not care how much money is saved in Big Marvels bank account, i care about how much he cares" I repeated.

My dad stepped forward to speak, "Darling, just calm down. Maybe we need a break in Canada?"

"NO! I need a break from YOU!"

A limousine appeared behind my parents before they disappeared resorting to saftey.

Big Marvel was still lying on the ground behind me. I could faintly see tears dropping down his face.


His leg was bleeding, just as bad as when he injured it the last time he got violently drunk.

I took him to the back of the church where it was empty. Only dense air surrounded us as I reached for the first aid kit from one of the cupboards.

"It might hurt a bit" I declared as i dabbed a sanitary cloth over his bruised knee. He squealed as the two solids interacted.

He watched me closely as I cleaned his wound.

"You are beautiful" he mumbled.

I looked up after hearing him whisper something, "Did you say something?"

He rapidly moved his head to the right when I asked before grinning slightly.

"I cannot believe my parents! All they care about is themselves and not my happiness" I blurted.

As i continued ranting Big Marvel started giggling at me.

"Stop laughing this is not funny! I refuse to be treated this way by my parents, this is outrageous" I complained.

Big Marvel stood up and looked me in the eye.

"I spent all my life trying to please them but I never do enough!"

Myeong-Hoon pushed forward and kissed me on the lips keeping me quiet before pulling off and locking eyes with me.

"That shut you up, didnt it?"

I didnt speak moreover pushing him back against a wall and continuing to touch lips.

We didnt come out of the room that night.

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