Park Marvel

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I hate university with a passion.

I have been studying astronomy at Seoul University for 2 years and it hasn't gotten any easier.

I was in my first class listening to Mr. Kim discuss the physical factors and elements present on a star with the volume of x10000 compared to our own sun. Fun.

"The light would travel much further into space and reach further planets" explained Mr. Kim as the whole class daydreamed, doodled, or slept.

I put my hand up, "Would its planets all be as close as in our solar system?"

"Depends on the star" he replied before muttering on about something that didn't actually have a connection to my question.

After an hour I was free to leave and as I didn't have any lessons the rest of the day I decided to go to the park to draw.

I left the busy school building and entered the garden at the front of the main hall before leaving the school property.

"Hey!" Shouted a familiar face.

I looked over to see Jason waving his arms violently trying to get my attention. I smiled and walked over to him.

I was wearing ripped mom jeans turned up at the bottom and a tight cropped top with a varsity jacket over the top. I tied my outfit together with my ash coloured kanken bag, black converse and rose gold watch.

"Hello Jason, what are you doing here?" I said formally.

He took of his cap and placed it on my head reinacting the first time I met him.

"Do you want to go to the park?" He asked as he took my hand in his.

I quickly pulled away as I felt awkward. I didn't like Jason in that way but I had a feeling he might like me.

"Ok" I replied shyly at the previously asked question.

We strolled to the park as an exploding tension created a strong wall between us.

I really wanted to give his hat back but I thought that any interaction would cause embarrassment.

'Call me boss boss boss boss boss boss'

My phone's ringtone started playing as I was being called. I had changed it to Big Marvels song because it had grown on me.

"Nice ringtone" Jason mumbled and I just gave him a small smile in return.

As I looked at the contact I realised it was Big Sky, Big Marvels other friend.

"Hello! Can you ask Big Marvel to get me some new shades?" He asked when I picked up.

"I'm not with him right now" I said wondering if he wanted me to find him.

"What? He was coming to collect you from University" Big Sky said puzzled.

What? He was coming to collect me?

"Why was he coming to collect me?" I asked.

"Isn't it obvious? He likes you!" Big Sky screamed through the phone.

"Nononononono" I repeated denying Big Skys statement.

Suddenly Jason started waving at something and so I turned to see who it was.

A shy Big Marvel standing in the edge of the field looking down in embarrassment.

Jason persuaded me to go over to see him.

"What are you two doing here together?" Asked Big Marvel who suprisingly looked scared of me.

I was going to reply that we just wanted to go to the park but Jason interupted, "We are on a date"

Wait. Hold up. No.

Big Marvels head flew up in shock.

"Date?" He asked in his robot sounding Korean accent.

"Nonononono" I responded before Jason butted in again, "Yes"

"Oh" mumbled Big Marvel in English.

Jason then turned to face me. His tall, skinny body shadowing over me.

"I have been wanted to ask you for a while but... Will you be my girlfriend?"

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