.:chapter thirteen:.

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mark told me to meet him at the cafe by the library, but he must be running late. we had a brief text late last night, and i couldn't go to sleep because of how awkward it was.

"oh, you brought someone?" i look at the boy trailing behind mark. he's really tall, and looks like an adult.

"hyejin, this is lucas; lucas, this is hyejin." mark introduces. i stand up and extend my hand out for a handshake.

"nice to meet you!" lucas gives a friendly smile. he accepts my handshake and i notice how huge his hand is; his hand is practically twice the size of mine.

"alright, so what's up?" i looked at mark. lucas seemed confused as to why he was here.

"are we okay? we haven't been talking much." mark said. lucas looked at me, then back at mark.

"oH my gosh! you're the girl in the pictures-" lucas came to a realization.

"shhh! can you not dude?" mark quickly hushed lucas.

"bro, mark has like the whole shrine type thingy on his desk in his room!" lucas continued to expose mark.

"what do you mean?" i asked lucas.

"i don't know but there's a lot of pictures and notes on his desk." lucas laughed. i laughed with him. mark just looked betrayed.

"i'm sorry that i've been kinda avoiding you, i just feel weird about everything." i said. "i heard you talked to minju about this."

"that's how desperate i got. i was wondering if she knew anything. but she also told me that she and donghyuck broke up." mark told me.

"is that why she texted me, saying to stay away from donghyuck?"


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