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i'm not too sure if i can call this a crush, but he was definitely the most cutest in my opinion. i don't know if i'm entirely comfortable with the idea of being with a younger guy.

i practically failed my english exam, so i had to stay another year. that means being with the group one year younger than me.

it wasn't all bad. most of the kids were really nice.

i sat next to this shy boy. park jisung. from what i heard, he's a really good dancer. he's the guy that everyone knows, yet he's not popular. i guess his shy personality prohibits him from hanging out with the popular bunch. from what i gather, after being in that english class, jisung is really smart.

can't relate. but i mean, my grades are average.

"hello jisung." i say in english. he smiles back at me, but doesn't say anything.

"did you do the homework?" he asks.

"yeah, i did but it might be wrong." i grab my book.

"i didn't do it because i had dance practice." he admits. i felt bad for him so i decided to give him the answers.

"thank you, noona." he says in english.

his english is so cute. i think he can understand english, if spoken slow enough. he just can't respond in english.

"no problem. if you need help, you can always ask me. one of my friends speaks english so he tutors me." i say.

"who's your friend?" jisung questions.

"his name is lee minhyung. his english name is mark lee." i tell him.

"can he tutor me too?"

"sure! do you wanna sit with us at lunch?" i offer. "unless you have other things to do."

"will it be okay if i sit with you guys. you are my seniors, wouldn't it look weird?" jisung says. i shake my head.

"it wouldn't be weird. we can be friends with younger classes." i say.

"okay then. i will sit with you at lunch!" he lets out a giggle.

uwu he's too cute.

lunch came and i led jisung to our usual table. minju was also sitting there; with donghyuck too. i felt a tug in my heart. it felt like it was breaking into a million pieces again.

feelings don't just go away.

"hey guys. this is park jisung, from my english class." i plop down on the seat next to mark.

"hi hyejin." donghyuck flashes me a smile. i felt like i was drowning all over again. i could only return his smile. my voice was suddenly gone.

i think jisung noticed. he's a smart kid indeed. i remember that day after school, jisung asked me about it.

"what's with you and donghyuck?" jisung questions. i didn't want him to ask, but i also wanted to talk to someone.

"nothing. it's just that... never mind." i sigh.

"it's just that your best friend is dating the guy you like?" jisung says.

"how did you know?"

"i have a sister and i know what it looks like when a girl likes a guy." jisung says. "i noticed the way you looked at him. you also didn't say anything to him or your friend."

"was i really that obvious?"i asked.

"i don't think so. but to me, you were kind of obvious." jisung shrugs.

the rest of that afternoon, jisung made me open up to him. he was easy to talk to and a good listener. i started to feel something. it wasn't the same as the others, but it was defiantly something.

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