five years later: CHENLE

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i woke up with chenle's face in front of mine. he seemed to be staring at me; i don't know for how long. but when my eyes opened, he panicked a little and his cheeks turned pink.

"i wasn't staring." chenle quickly defended.

"i didn't say anything." i giggled.

"you look beautiful in the morning." chenle said, brushing my hair behind my ear. "innocent expression, your cute tired eyes, fluffy cheeks, slightly chapped lips and your messy hair."

i looked at him strangely because of the last description. "messy hair in a good way."

"i look so horrible in the mornings, i don't understand why you would want to look at me." i said and chenle frowned.

"i think you're beautiful no matter what." chenle's blush deepened and he complimented me.

"so what do you want to do today?" i asked, changing the topic.

"i don't know. what ever you want." chenle answered. "we could go see a movie, or to a café; anywhere you like."

"let's just stay home." i yawned. chenle giggled and he got out of bed. his hair stuck up in different positions and his clothes were wrinkled from laying down.


"hey, mark just invited us to go to the amusement park." i said, still looking at my phone screen. "do you want to go?"

"sure, why not. we're not doing anything today." chenle answered from in the kitchen. he was getting more apple juice. chenle came back to the table and started stuffing his face with his food.

"slow down, the food isn't going anywhere." i laughed. chenle kept stuffing his face.

i roll my eyes. i decide to give the rest of the food to him. "you can finish my food too, if you want. i have to get ready."


"hey mark!" i shout as i ran over to hug him, which left chenle behind. i was too excited. hyunjin, jaehwa, and jaemin stood behind mark.

"hey sis, haven't seen you in a while." hyunjin said. i hugged him and i quickly moved onto jaehwa.

"i missed you, hyejin." jaehwa hugged me back. when we both pulled away from the hug, i saw jaemin's smiling face.

"hey, nana." i hug jaemin. i felt his muscular arms tighten around me, then his fingers brush my back as he releases me from his grip. i turn around to face chenle.

he looks annoyed.

"come on guys, let's go!" hyunjin led us into the park.

chenle grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. i look at him in shock at first, but he just smiled like an innocent child. his cheeks made his eyes small as he let out his little dolphin laugh.


"i had fun today." i told chenle. "especially because i spent it with people i haven't talked to in a while."

"what about me?" chenle pouted. "i didn't like seeing you close with mark and jaemin."

"aww, were you jealous?" i teased. he nodded his head in honesty.

"i don't want anyone to touch you." chenle said. he clung to me like a little koala; i thought my arm was going to lose circulation.

"so what was your favorite part?" i asked. chenle thought for a while.

"i liked when you were smiling." chenle laughs. "what about you?"

"probably the part where you were screaming your head off on the roller coaster, and you sounded like a dolphin being attacked."


lol sorry if this sucked, i'm all out of ideas rn 😂😂

i should have wrote it better, but i'm too lazy to go back and rewrite it 😣

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