five years later: JENO

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it was around midnight when jeno slid into bed. his body instantly cuddling into the warmth, with his legs tangling with mine. he wrapped one of his arms around me, and his breath tickled the back of my neck.

"hey, little spoon." jeno sighed.

"what did you call me?" i asked sleepily. jeno chuckled.

"nothing." he said. i could practically see him smiling with his cute eye smile. jeno hummed softly as he exhaled. i felt him snuggling into my neck, bringing his body even closer to mine.

i suddenly felt the urge to throw up. quickly, i broke jeno's hold on my waist and stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. jeno rushed to my side as i was hunched over the toilet.

"are you okay? what's going on?" jeno asked in a panicked tone. he held my hair out of my face and allowed me to continue.

i pulled away from the toilet. jeno sat on the floor with me. he brushed my hair out of my face and rubbed my back. "sorry. i just felt a little nauseous."

"don't apologize." jeno said. "are you sick?"

"i don't know. i feel a little better now." i say. "but i don't think it's a cold."

"what do you mean?" jeno tilts his head in confusion. "did you eat something bad?"

"no." i shake my head. "i have to tell you something."

"you're scaring me. what is it?" jeno held my hands. i was nervous to tell him. what if he didn't want it?

"i'm pregnant." i say. jeno's eyes widened. he sat still, letting the information process.

"wait, so am i going to be a dad?" jeno asked. he had tears in his eyes. "how long have you known?"

"since a few days ago." i answered. "i was just scared to tell you."

"don't be scared. i'll always be here for you." jeno hugged me. "i love you so much."


9 months later 🌚🌚🌚
lol i hope y'all enjoyed. idk what i'm doing. this is all so cringey,, but jeno being a dad is a concept tho 😩

pls vote and who do y'all want next??

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