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i met chenle at a party. it was the summer of freshman year. i remember being excited to be in high school. now, i only wish to escape high school.

hong yeji's older brother thought it would be cool to have a party while his parents were away for the summer. so yeji invited a bunch of us, her classmates, to the party. all i know was that chenle came with renjun, and that chenle was also from china.

huh... my first two crushes are from china...

anyway, renjun really didn't know anyone else, so he stuck by me. which meant, chenle also stuck by me.

"i'm gonna hang out with yeji, if that's alright with you guys." renjun told us. he and yeji was sort of a thing.

the two smartest students. renjun being the smartest of the boys. and yeji being the smartest of the girls.

"so where are you from?" i asked chenle.

"i'm from shanghai." he answered. chenle smiled, trying to keep it from turning awkward.

"why did you move to korea?" i attempted to keep the conversation going.

"well, i just wanted a change of scenery." he shrugged. "it's exciting being in another country."

it turned awkward real fast. but every time our eyes met, he would flash a shy smile.

"do you wanna dance?" chenle asked.

"sure." i said and we both stood up. we walked to where everyone was dancing, and i was regretting my decision to dance because i had no idea how to dance.

ugh... so embarrassing.

"just move to the beat." chenle gave a reassuring smile.

i stopped worrying about my horrible dancing and i eventually just let it all naturally happen.

"you're not a bad dancer." he says over the music. and soon enough, everyone is grinding on each other.

chenle decided to pull me off the dance floor. after all, we are a bit too underaged.

"that was fun." chenle sits on one of the couches, pulling me down with him.

"yeah..." i say. it got awkward again. but chenle didn't seem to mind the silence between us. he watched everyone at the party interact with each other. i stared at him

that night, i can only clearly remember one thing which was chenle's smile. and when ever he smiled. i did too. his smile was the most beautiful to me.

but that's when i realized that i fell in love with zhong chenle, and not just his smile.

i didn't know what else to do, so i wrote a letter.

to all the boys i've loved before    ||nct dream||Where stories live. Discover now