ending: MARK

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"hey, mark. can we talk?" i pulled him aside. he looks at me with sad eyes.

"i don't think your dad would want us talking; since i'm a bad influence on you." he gives a sassy remark.

"look, i don't care about what he says. our friendship is very important to me. i don't want to just throw it all away." i say.

"hyejin... with what happened between us, i don't think that we can go back to being friends." mark says. "but you already knew that. when those letters got sent out, you knew that we wouldn't be able to go back to being friends, regardless of who you chose."

"mark, i-"

"i'm sorry, hyejin." mark apologizes. "we can't go back to how things were."

"mark, wait-"

"goodbye, hyejin." mark turned and started walking away.

"yah! you're not the only one in this relationship. you don't get to decide things on your own." i run after him. people give me questioning looks.


"no, you need to consider what i want." i firmly say.

"fine. what do you want?" mark sighs. the hope that he had in his eyes disappeared. it's replaced with pain and regret.

"i want us to be more than friends." i say. and just like that, the happiness returned to aura. "i don't care what my dad says. i feel like this is right."

"got the popcorn." mark placed the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and sat next to me on the couch.

"ugh, you took too long. i'm cold now." i playfully complained.

"am i your personal servant?" he teased. well, to be fair, he always seems to have a warmer body temperature.

"no, you're my boyfriend." i say. he scrunches his face.

"i can't get used to you calling me that." he giggles.

"you like it when i call you my boyfriend?" i ask. he scrunches his face again and shivers. "i'll take that as a yes."

"let's just watch the movie."

soon, hyejin falls asleep in mark's arms. he brushes her hair out of her face and watched as the screen casted shadows upon her features.

"i love you." mark whispers. "i feel like a coward telling you this in your sleep. but it's so easy to say this while you're so innocent and vulnerable."

mark reached for the blanket and covered hyejin, who snuggled into the blanket.

"thank you for being in my life. you have no idea how much you mean to me."


i was going to publish all the endings at once, but i don't have all of them yet :(
but here's mark's ending,, hope you guys enjoyed it.

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