.:chapter two:.

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it was recess and i've been avoiding mark all day. so i was hanging out with hyunsoo; everyone else was busy. i've told hyunsoo about almost all my crushes too, so he knows what situation i'm in.

"you can't avoid mark forever, ya know." hyunsoo said.

"thank you captain obvious." i bang my head on the picnic table we're sitting at.

"girl, you need to lose that salty attitude. i didn't do anything to deserve this disrespect." he said. "plus, lee jeno is heading this way! and he lookin fine. i might write a letter to him too."

"haha very funny." i give him a stink eye.

"i'm gonna let you two talk." hyunsoo slipped away. some friend, hyunsoo. this is why mark and i are best friends...

jeno hands me my letter. "i thought you might want this back." i practically snatch it out of his fingers and shove it under my bag.

"look, what i wrote in the letter-" i started but jeno cut me off.

"i thought it was really sweet of you to say all those nice things about me. i'm flattered, really." he gave me his famous eye smile.

"well, that was relatively a long time ago, kind of... and-" i stopped talking. because mark was walking towards us.

i pulled jeno to me and kissed him. he was shocked at first, but to my surprise, he started kissing back. i pulled away and saw mark frozen in his place. when i looked back to jeno, he had a blank expression. ugh why did i do that?

i decided to run away. from both mark and jeno. i'm just digging myself a deeper hole...

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