ending: JISUNG

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i feel like y'all don't really understand how terribly i wrote this, cuz jisung's story wasn't talked about enough for me to write and alternate ending. but i had some people asking where his ending was; so i tried my best idk...


"do you actually like me, noona?" jisung asked. i didn't want to answer his question because i, myself have no idea.

"i didn't think that it would come to this." i said. "you're such a nice and shy kid."

"okay. we'll go slow. we can just be friends, and if it turns into anything more, we'll cross that bridge when it comes to that." jisung says. he gives me a shy smile. strangely, he doesn't make me feel nervous. maybe it's because i'm older than him.

"do you want to do something after school?" i ask.

"sure! i'm not doing anything anyways." jisung says.

jisung and i went to the arcade. he was surprisingly a lot of fun. once his shy aura is gone, he's very cute and humorous.

"come on!" jisung pleaded. he was trying to win one of the stuffed bread plushy from the claw machine.

"you don't have to win it. let's play some other games." i told him. he just kept his focus.

"i'm gonna get you out of there." jisung said to the bread. he carefully directed the claw over the plushie and the claw went down to grab it. jisung watched as the claw slowly picked up the bread and made its way to the corner.

"yes! victory!" jisung reached down to grab his prize. "i want to give this to you."

"aww, thanks. but you worked for it, so you should keep it." i decline. he shakes his head, still holding it out to me.

"i insist. please have this bread plushie." jisung shoves it into my hands. he wasn't going to take no for an answer, so i accepted it.

"thank you for the bread plushie. now let's play air hockey!" i walked to the air hockey table, but people were already playing.

"hey, we can play deal or no deal." jisung pointed to the empty booth.

"i actually have no idea what the point of this game is, but okay!" we walked to the platform and he allowed me to sit.

after a few minutes of pressing random buttons, we were somehow rich and winning the game i guess.

"deal!" jisung pressed the button. "oh my god. five dollars?"

"that's gonna be my salary when i get a job." i joke. we both laughed.

the game ended and we got some tickets. we continued to play games and collect tickets until we had two huge stacks.

"get some candy." i tell jisung. he turns to the employee and asks for a variety of candy.

"could i also get that huge teddy bear on the wall?" jisung asks. the employee gets the huge teddy bear and hands it to him.

"here! another plushie!" jisung gives it to me. it's basically my height and i can barely carry it.

"thanks." i say but it was muffled by the teddy bear.

"come on, let's get you home."

"i had a lot of fun with you, jisung." i say. he's carrying the the teddy bear on his back since i couldn't.

"me too." jisung agrees. and awkward silence takes over. "so, what happens now?"

"what do you mean?"

"you like me, right?" jisung asked.

"yeah. i guess so."


okay that was bad but there you go. i didn't know what to write. i'm sorry...

but this is the last thing i'm writing for this book. probably the fastest i've ever wrote. thank you so much for supporting me. i feel like i'm just repeating myself, but i really mean it.

please look forward to my next fanfic!

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