.:chapter seven:.

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z.chenle has requested to chat with you!

hello, is this kim hyejin?

yea, is this zhong chenle?

i thought you wouldn't
remember me.

but anyways, your brother
contacted me.

i got your letter :)


ugh... this is so embarrassing

no it's not.

that night, i felt
something for you.

ok, i'm gonna stop you
right there.

honestly, i'm getting a
lot of confessions,, and
my life is a mess right now.

i know it must be
hard for you,

but can we at least
be friends?

ok. sure.

my mom is calling
me, so i gtg.

how did hyunjin send the letter to chenle? he's in a different country...

"yah! kim hyunjin!" i scream.

"what!?! what is it?" it looks like he just woke up from a nap.

"how many letters did you actually read?" i cross my arms.

"okay, maybe i did read all, but-" he started to defend himself. i screamed while running at him. i wanted to punch him.

"you diseased rat!" i yelled and started hitting him.

"oww! that hurts!" he tried to stop my hands. "in my defense, i didn't know what it was!"

"it doesn't matter! you shouldn't have been in my room reading my stupid letters!" i screamed back.

"hey! what's going on?" jaehwa broke up our fight.

"oh, hey sis, when did you get home?" hyunjin casually asked.

"why are you two fighting?" jaehwa asked both of us. but neither of us responded. until hyunjin pushes me, telling me to give an answer.

"hyunjin read and send my letters that i wrote to my crushes." i say.

"i'm sorry, i just though she could use a boyfriend." hyunjin said.

"no, you just ruined my life!" i scoffed. "you could have at least talked to me about it, instead of going behind my back!"

"look, i'm sorry! why would you even address it, but not send it?" hyunjin argued.

"well... it's not like i put the stamp on it." i mumbled.

"guys, we're a family. we shouldn't be doing this to each other. i'm sure that this whole crush-letter thing will work out." jaehwa says. "and you, hyunjin, need to respect your sister's space."

"i'm sorry." hyunjin hugs me. and i hug back.

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