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so now the guy that i'm currently in love with... after six crushes, you'd think that i'd learn to never like anyone else. well. i broke the unsaid rule. and that unsaid rule is to never fall in love with your best friend.

"excuse me, do you know where class five is?" a guy walked up to me.

"oh i'm in class five, so you can follow me." i say as i locked my locker.

"i'm lee minhyung by the way." he introduces himself. "my english name is mark but you can call me mark or minhyung. i prefer mark, but which ever."

he's so cute when he's nervous.

"well, which one do you want me to call you by? mark or minhyung?" i laugh.

"i'll most likely only answer to mark, so just call me mark." he said.

after settling on a name, we arrive at class a bit early. i sit down at my usual seat. and mark doesn't know what to do. he kind of just awkwardly looks around the classroom.

"you can sit next to me. if you want. no one sits there." i tell him. he takes off his bag and puts it on the table, grabbing out a book and pencil.

"whatcha writing?" i ask. reminds me of donghyuck.

"it's supposed to be song lyrics, but i'm not really good at writing." he says. he tries to use his arm to hide what he's writing.

"i write lyrics from time to time. they're not that good either, but i'll show you mine if you'll show me yours." i say.

"okay deal." i give him my book and he gives me his book.

his writing style is similar to my own. i felt a connection to him.

"our writing is similar." mark says as we switch books. i didn't know how to answer, so i just let out an awkward laugh.

like donghyuck, mark and i had a lot in common. mark and i just clicked. he became part of my friend group, and as time when on, we got closer. until there were no secrets between us.

donghyuck smiles at me from across the room and i smile back. mark notices the pain behind my smile.

"are you okay?" he asked. he pat my arm to comfort me.

"yeah. i'm fine." i tell him. but mark knew i was lying.

he always seemed to know how i felt at each moment. i was like an open book to him.

"i'll walk you home." mark offered.

in the beginning, it was a nice silence between us. i could tell that you wanted to say something. but we continued to walk our path together with our hands slightly bumping into each other. you and i both pretended to ignore it.

"i have something for you." mark broke the silence. he reached into his pocket and pulled out a bracelet.

it was a knotted light blue friendship bracelet. a metallic bead was weaved into it, personalized with an engraved "h". it was simple and cute.

"its our friendship anniversary today, so i wanted to get us something." mark explained as he helped me put it on.

"i feel bad for not getting anything now." i tell him.

"don't worry, your friendship is enough." he laughs. he lifts his arm next to mine to show his matching bracelet.

"thanks for being my friend." mark swings his arm around me and gives me a side hug as we kept on walking.

i hate and love that feeling you get when you fall for someone.

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