.:chapter twelve:.

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i toss my phone beside me and started crying.

stupid feelings. look what happened. you made a huge mess. if you just stopped having feelings, none of this would happen.

my warm tears rolled down my cheeks as my eyes became red a puffy. my sniffles filled the silence of the room. i'm only reminded of how lonely i've become. i can't openly talk to my best friends like i used to. when will things get better?

"hey, sis?" hyunjin knocked on the door. "you okay?"

"yeah." i lie. he enters my room anyways. "i just want to be alone."

"no you don't. you need someone by your side right now." hyunjin pulled me into a hug. "i know you all too well, hyejin."

i burst into tears, and soaks his shirt. he squeezes me tighter and comforts me.

"i just want to let you know that i'm here for you, and i care about you." he tells me. "i'm so sorry. this is all my fault. i didn't mean for this to happen."

"it's okay." i say. "things can't always stay the same. change is good too. maybe this is the change i need in my life."

we stay in the hugging position, not saying anything. i'm glad he stayed.

"thank you for this. i know i tend to push people away." i wipe my tears.

"don't push people away. i know you're scared, but this is the time to keep the people that matter to you even closer." hyunjin said.

"wow, you're actually really smart, but you just do a lot of dumb things." i laughed. he smiled too. times like these, i actually appreciate my brother.

"i don't wanna get too mushy, so i'm gonna go." hyunjin walked out of my room. "oh, and you might wanna text mark."

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