.:chapter twenty-four:.

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"hyejin? please open the door." jaehwa knocked for the hundredth time. "come on, don't be like this."

"just go away." i yell from my bed. i've been here for about thirteen hours. i didn't even go out of my room for lunch or dinner.

"hyejin, come on. let me in." jaehwa knocked again. the door knob rattled a bit, then suddenly light from the outside streamed in.

"and that's how you pick a lock." hyunjin was crouched on his knees, his height level with the door knob. how the heck did he learn how to pick a lock?

"get out!" i hid under my blankets.

"we're not going that easy. and we're not leaving especially when you need us the most." jaehwa proceeded to untangle me from my barrier.

"i just feel like everything in my life is falling apart. i ruined things with dad and all my best friends and even you guys." i sobbed. jaehwa and hyunjin sat on my bed and we formed a group hug.

"you still have us. we're not gonna leave your side." hyunjin said to me. i sobbed even harder.

"yeah, we're family so you're stuck with us whether you like it or not." jaehwa joked.

"i am sorry for sending your letters out and invading your personal space." hyunjin apologized again.

"look, i can hate you, but you actually helped me. i was able to sort out my feelings. even though past feelings came up and it was like peeling the band-aid off." i said.

"that's good." jaehwa said. "i guess you don't have to hide your feelings anymore, huh?"

"yeah... but the only problem is: does he still like me?" i sighed.

"so then who's the lucky guy?" hyunjin flashed a playful smile, lightening the mood.

"you'll find out soon enough; that is if he still likes me." i laugh.

"aww, come on you're no fun! tell us!" jaehwa pushed.

"later. speaking of which, i should probably text him." i reach to grab my phone. but hyunjin is quick to grab it.

"tell us who it is first." he holds my phone away from me. i roll my eyes an tell them anyways.

"lee jeno."


the guy with the highest votes was jeno! mark was really popular, but jeno won by one vote. when chenle and donghyuck were eliminated, jeno started getting a lot of votes.

thank you to everyone who participated in voting, and thank you so much for reading! this is not the last chapter, i will write another one. and i will also be writing endings for all the members plus an ending that i was actually considering.... in which hyejin ends up with no one (because she couldn't choose).

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