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lee donghyuck was always full of energy. the funniest person i knew. so far, i've only been talking about my crushes and i. well, this story is a bit different.

park minju. one of my best friends. whom was also crushing on donghyuck.

"yah! you're supposed to be doing work too!" i slapped donghyuck. we were currently working on a history project together, and he was just playing games on the computer instead of researching.

"i was doing work! i just got distracted." he rubbed his arm where i hit him. he started researching again, until he came across this picture of an old asian guy.

"yo this dude needs to shave. he looks like master shifu from kung fu panda." donghyuck laughs.

"don't be rude." i hold back my laugh.

his rudeness is what made him funny to me.

"i did my part of the project, do you need help?" i asked.

"i just need to do this last question, then we're done." donghyuck said.

i decided to write a little. so i took out my notebook. i continuously wrote for a few minuets.

"what are you writing?" donghyuck peeks over my shoulder.


"come on, it's something. because if it wasn't anything, you wouldn't be hiding it." he yanks my book out of my hands and proceeds to read it.

"donghyuck, come on, don't read it please." i reach to grab it back but he pulls away. "it's really embarrassing! please don't read it."

"what are these?" he gives me back my book. i snatch it and shove it in my bag.

"it's none of your business." i scoff.

"whatever i read was really good. was it poems? or just random thoughts?" donghyuck's voice turned serious.

"t-they're uhh... some poems... well, more like songs that i tried to uhh... write but it's not really good. defiantly not worth reading. nothing makes sense in this book so yeah." i ramble, looking like a total idiot.

"well, i thought it was good. the words were something that i could relate and interpret in my own way." donghyuck says. "but of course, you can't read a song."

"are you saying that i should sing them for you?"

i shouldn't have asked. because he actually made me explain myself and the meaning behind my thinking for my writing.

"do you wanna hang out after school?" donghyuck offered.

"sorry, i have things to do. you know, with finals coming up." i declined.

stupid heart. stop acting up every time a cute guy is being nice to you...

"please? can you at least keep me company?" he pleaded. my heart sped up and my throat went dry.

"what about jeno and the rest of your friends?" i asked.

"they're training for basketball next season. but they are all so boring. i wanna hang out with you." donghyuck did some aegyo type thing.


and that was probably my biggest mistake. donghyuck was the first guy that i fell for in the shortest amount of time. why does my heart easily do this?

we spent the rest of the afternoon talking in the cafe. i opened up and told him things that i would never tell anyone. we both shared our hopes and dreams. we were so alike, yet so different. maybe falling for him wasn't my mistake. perhaps it was my decision to let minju date him.

"i've seen you talking with donghyuck." minju says. "tell me about him."

"well, he has a fraternal twin, like me, but she doesn't go to this school. his favorite colors are red and black. and he wishes to be a singer-songwriter. he also hates science the most." i told her.

"what type of girl does he like? what's his blood type? come on, sis, give me the good stuff." minju laughs. i laughed with her, but the pain in my heart increased.

"his blood type is ab, and he likes girls with a nice voice. a voice easy to listen to. and he also prefers short hair." i said. the pain in my heart only grew.

the next day, minju came to school with short hair. she started talking to donghyuck, and soon enough, they started dating. months passed. minju stopped hanging out with us,
and instead started hanging out with donghyuck and his friends.

donghyuck was the most painful crush so far.

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