five years later: JAEMIN

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"i thought you're supposed to be in bed." jaemin had a playful angry look as his hands went to his hips in a sassy stance.

"but i'm hungry." i told him. jaemin sighed.

"i told you to call me if you needed anything." jaemin frowned.

"yeah, but i didn't want to bother you. it's your day off and i don't want you to spend it getting sick because of me." i explained.

"i don't care if i get sick because of you. i'm supposed to take care of you. in sickness and in health, remember?" jaemin said. he led me back to bed. "besides, i enjoying caring for you."

"thank you." i say as jaemin pulled the covers over me.

"i'll be back with some soup, don't move." jaemin instructed. i nodded. he left the room.


i must've fallen asleep. jaemin gently rubbed my shoulder to wake me up. my eyes fluttered open as he brushed my hair out of my face.

"sorry for waking you." jaemin apologized. "i brought you some soup."

"thanks, jae. but i can feed myself." i say as jaemin was blowing on the soup.

"no! i want to feed you." jaemin pouted. i rolled my eyes and he fed me a spoon full of soup. jaemin smiled as he gave me every spoonful. "do you want something to drink?"

"sure. tea would be nice." i say. he nods and goes out of the room. he quickly comes back into the room with a cup of tea.

"i had it ready just in case you asked for some tea." jaemin gives me the cup. "feel better soon. i'm missing your cuddles."


"i feel better now." i tell jaemin. he smiles.

"my love is your medicine." he jokes. "are you going to go back to work?"

"yeah, i've been sick for too long." i say. suddenly, jaemin sneezes.

"i think i'm getting sick." he rubs his nose. i threw the tissue box at him. "that means, you have to take care of me!"

"okay, but i better not get sick again."

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