five years later: DONGHYUCK

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i tossed and turned, trying to find a good sleeping position. but then donghyuck held me in the same position. he quietly snored, and drooled too.

"hyuck." i whispered, trying to wake him up. he grumbled in his sleep a little. i poked his cheek and he muttered a soft "stop it."

i sighed and tried to pry his arms off of me in a gentle way. but he held on tighter. "hyuck, i need to move." he sighed and rolled over to the other side.


"let's go out for dinner." donghyuck says. "i wanna do something with you; it's been a while since we did anything together."

"sure, let me just get ready." i say. i changed into more presentable clothes and brushed my hair. i fixed up my makeup and donghyuck groaned.

"you don't need makeup! you're so beautiful without it, like i literally don't understand?" donghyuck said. i purse my lips and look at him because i've explained this many times.

"in this society, i'm ugly without makeup." i say. he pinched the bridge of his nose. "i feel more confident when i have makeup on because without it, i feel and look like a dirty, dry potato."

"come on, let's just go before we start arguing about your beauty again." donghyuck gave up.


we finally found a restaurant that we both wanted to eat at. we've both never been and we've both heard that it's really good.

i open the menu, but donghyuck doesn't. he just sat there, staring at me. i tried to ignore it, but then i ended up saying "why are you staring at me?"

"ah! my girlfriend is so pretty!" donghyuck reaches across the table to pinch my cheek. "my heart can't take it!"

"eww! stop!" i cringe.

"you could literally slap my face and i'd still be in love with you." donghyuck says in a dreamy tone.

"why would i slap you?" i ask.

"for not proposing." donghyuck seemingly blurts.

"what?" my eyes were wide with shock. was he proposing?

"what?" he echos back, pretending like he didn't say anything. i shook my head and sighed. i knew he wasn't actually proposing. ugh i feel stupid now.

"hello! i'm jungwoo, i'll be your waiter tonight. are you two ready to order?" the waiter, named jungwoo, says. i look to donghyuck and tell him to order first. i was panicking because i hadn't decided what i wanted to eat because of donghyuck.

"and for the pretty lady?" jungwoo says.

"i'll have the beef lettuce wraps." i smile sheepishly. jungwoo smiles at me and takes my menu.

"he was totally flirting with you!" donghyuck accused. "did you see the way he looked at you too?"

"he was just being friendly." i say. donghyuck looks angry.

"he even called you 'pretty lady'. if that ain't flirting, i don't know what is." donghyuck argued.

"he was just trying to be friendly. it's nothing." I insisted.

"if i ask you to marry me, would you?" donghyuck asked.

"yeah, why?"

"because i'm asking you now." he says. he pulls out a small black box from his pocket. "hyejin, will you marry me?" in front of me is donghyuck, on one knee as he offers a ring to me. no words come out of my mouth, so i rapidly nod my head and extend my hand out for him to slide the ring on my finger. donghyuck gets up and kisses me.

"thank you for loving me." he whispers into the kiss as other people in the restaurant applaud and cheer.


i ran out of ideas lol. hope y'all enjoyed :D

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