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heyy, do u wanna hang out?

sure, when and where?

do you wanna eat
lunch with me?

okay, we can go
to mcdonald's


that's not food...

well, then what's
affordable for two teens?

don't worry about paying,
i'll pay for the meal :D

wear presentable clothes,
i'll pick you up in an hour.

"hyejin! why is chenle here?" hyunjin comes running to my door.

"he's taking me to lunch." i say.

"ohh so it's a date?" he teases.

"i guess. he just wants to hangout." i shrug.

"okay, well have fun. but not too much fun." hyunjin laughs and walks away.

chenle actually took me to a restaurant. not no mcdonald's, but not a super fancy restaurant either.

"this isn't necessary. we could have went to like taco bell instead." i said.

"i wanted to bring you to some place nice." he says. "i guess this is our first date."

awkward silences took over our table one in a while when we'd run out of conversation. he told me that he loves to sing and that he's going to become an idol one day. i told him about my hobby of writing.

chenle was also very wealthy. but he is humble by saying 'i live a very comfortable life.'

"where shall we go now?" chenle asks. i shrug.

"where ever you want to go." i say. "i don't want to do anything exciting. i'd rather just relax."


chenle and i decide to walk to the park. it wasn't far from the restaurant. it was late afternoon, and the sun was starting to set. the golden hour.

"so..." chenle trailed off.

"i enjoyed this." i told him. "thank you for talking me out."

"no problem." he smiled. i could tell he wanted to say something else.

"i want to take it further than just being friends."

hey,, you wanna
come over? we can
hang out in my
room ;)


i think you know
why ;))


yEP ;)

yAy! i'LL bE tHeRe
iN 15

"it's so cozy in here. i'm glad we decided to change the layout of the fort." chenle said.

"hey, you don't think we're too old for this, right?" i asked. chenle thought for a moment, but then laughed.

"of course not!" he said. "okay, maybe we are but who's gonna stop us?"

we both burst into laughter and he kept on laughing because i was laughing; and i was laughing because he was laughing.

"oh my god. your laugh is too funny. please stop, i can't breathe." i kept laughing as i held my stomach.

"you stop! you're making me laugh." i tried to stop. we both laid in our fort, catching our breaths.

"why were we even laughing in the first place?" chenle questions. i shrug, unable to form a sentence. he crawls to me and snuggles himself in my arm.

"you make me laugh too much." i say.

"i'm glad. i hope that i can make you happy for the rest of our lives."


who used to make forts when they were little?? i remember my younger brother and i making them lol we'd fall asleep inside and my mom would take it down to put the blankets on us 😂😂

suddenly i miss my childhood :(

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