five years later: MARK

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"come on, hyejin." mark whined. his lips formed into a pout, as he tried to persuade me into going out.

"where are we going to find a babysitter on a short notice?" i asked. "and i kinda don't want to leave her side."

mark warmly smiles at our new born daughter, miryeong. he back hugs me and his hands roamed my waist. i stop mark's hands from going anywhere else, but he spins me around so that i'm facing him.

"i love you so much." mark softly kisses my own lips. "you're my best friend, my other half. and i'm so grateful to have you in my life."

"are you still trying to get me to go out?" i ask as mark moves his lips down to my neck. he lightly peppers my neck with kisses, making me shiver.

"is it working?" he pulls away. i shake my head. "well, i guess we can stay home and make another baby."

"mark!" i slapped his chest. "are you kidding me? we are not having another kid."

"not yet. but i want a son." mark smiles. "so we'll have one boy and one girl. we can name him woojin or jinhyuck or something."

"ugh, i hate you sometimes." i playfully grumbled.

"i hate when you make my heart do weird things, so we're even." mark joked. it got quiet and he stared deeply into my eyes, but he broke the silence. "you make me fall in love with you, everyday."

i captured his lips in a passionate kiss. our swollen lips moved in sync as we shared the moment. we pull away from each other to catch our breaths.

"you still wanna make another baby tonight?"


eWw i can't believe what i just wrotedncjejjeiwtf. short chapter but,,,, anywayssss,, i just wanted to write something else for you guys who read this. i hope y'all enjoyed this fluff ;) vote to let me know y'all want the other members' "five years later..." scenario

also, i've been thinking about making an nct imagines book

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